Turn On the Game and Get Ready for the Best Buffalo Sauces

Buffalo sauce is a top-tier hot sauce, and it should not be reserved just for wings or tempura cauliflower. In my opinion, a good buffalo sauce can be served on anything that typically welcomes regular hot sauce. Pizza, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, and even avocado toast can all be enhanced with quality buffalo sauce.

When it comes to buffalo sauce, I’m looking for zip, light creaminess, and pronounced spice. Any sauce that can replicate the melted butter flavor you find in restaurant sauces gets extra points. We tasted as many buffalo sauces as we could get our hands on so all you have to decide is whether you want a drum or a flat.

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Best Overall

First Street Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Sauce

This is the largest container of buffalo sauce I’ve ever seen, which is perfect because I love this buffalo sauce! After the taste test, I brought it home to use in my own cooking. It starts with a strong buttery flavor, works its way into vinegary notes in the middle, and then finishes with that signature buffalo sauce kick. The texture is thick and it has the perfect amount of creaminess. It’s everything you could want from a buffalo sauce (and at an incredible price point).

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Best Garlic

Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic Sauce

While First Street edges it out a little because of the price point, Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic Sauce is the world’s best buffalo sauce in my personal opinion. I will go to BWW just to dip anything and everything on their menu in this sauce. I am elated that they now sell it in a bottle at my grocery store. The garlic flavor is present without being overpowering. It’s not particularly spicy, but it’s mouthwateringly zingy. I have no notes. It’s perfect.

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Best Budget

Kroger Medium Buffalo Wing Sauce

If you’re into a buffalo sauce that’s on the thicker side, this Kroger Medium Buffalo Wing Sauce is for you. This would obviously be sensational for clinging to a meaty wing, but I think the best utilization of this sauce would be adding it to a creamy, cheesy buffalo chicken dip. It wouldn’t water down your dip like Frank’s. For a generic store brand, this sauce is super flavorful and has a great spice level. Plus, the taste is loyal to the classic buffalo flavor profile. This sauce is too good to be so cheap.

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Best Splurge

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce with Avocado Oil

Anything targeted at the paleo community is typically not for me. I’m sorry, but there is nothing “primal” about buffalo sauce. Unfortunately, the Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce made with avocado oil made me eat my words. It’s delicious and has a spicy, tangy creaminess that makes me want to dip everything in it. I know this is a “healthy” luxury brand, but I like it because it ironically reminds me of the buffalo sauce you get at Burger King (which is absolutely wonderful).

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Most Unique

365 Organic Buffalo Wing Sauce

This is the only buffalo sauce we tried that didn’t taste exactly like the traditional buffalo sauce but was still delicious. It honors classic buffalo while bringing its own distinct flavor to the mix. I’d never had a jalapeño buffalo sauce, and I loved it! If you’re not looking for a super creamy buffalo sauce, this is a great option. Justine Sterling, Sporked editor-in-chief, suggested serving this sauce on a “grilled chicken buffalo situation” rather than a fried wing because it has less spice and a lighter flavor. Hey Siri, add buffalo chicken salad ingredients to the grocery list.

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  • While I don’t know if it would change the order of the rankings, Kroger has a Spicy Garlic sauce of its own that I personally prefer to their normal buffalo wing sauce.