California Pizza Kitchen Is Bringing Its Salad Dressing to the Grocery Store

I’ll be honest, I’ve personally never thought, “Man, I know they have California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas at the grocery store, but what I really want to eat at home is some CPK salad dressing.” In fact, I have never once given any thought to the salad dressing at California Pizza Kitchen. However, the upcoming release of CPK salad dressings in stores early next year must mean there was some kind of demand for it.

Who is behind this new line of CPK salad dressing? And what flavors can we expect?

Given that it’s California Pizza Kitchen, I would expect flavors like “Avocado Toast,” and “No, yeah, for sure,” and “Don’t worry, it’s a dry heat.” And this is still possible! According to the press release, the “range of new flavor varieties” will “lean heavily into CPK’s reputation for creativity, fresh ingredients, and unexpected combinations.” And while the full lineup has not been revealed, it seems it will include two popular dressing flavors: Ranch and Thai. Yum!

These dressings will be released as part of a partnership between CPK and the popular salad dressing brand, Litehouse. How will the CPK Ranch dressing differ from Litehouse’s Homestyle Ranch dressing? And will the CPK Thai be anything like the Mild Thai Peanut dressing Litehouse used to make before it was sadly discontinued? Guess we’ll have to wait until early January to find out more about these dressings and see if the CPK and Lighthouse collab was a CPI (Cool Perfect Idea) or a PB&JI (Pretty Bad and Janky Idea).

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