Rhett & Link Taste Grocery Store Salsa

On a May 2, 2019, episode of Good Mythical Morning, the boys invited YouTuber Eva Gutowski to taste grocery store salsa. For the purpose of this taste test, they compared chunky mild variations of each brand and dipped tortilla chips into each bowl of salsa.

As a note, everybody was a bit harsh on the salsa during this taste test, which they acknowledged near the end of the episode. Eva said, “No matter what salsa shows up at a party, I’m ultimately going to eat that salsa.” That’s a great point. Ultimately, when you’re at a party, you eat whatever salsa is there. “Right, you have to acclimate to the salsa,” said Rhett. 

Here’s how everybody ranked the six salsas. (And, for even more store-bought salsa, check out the Sporked ranking too.)

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La Victoria

“This has a very ketchup-y taste,” said Rhett. This completely rattled Eva, who said she has a ketchup phobia. She went on to say that it tastes like the red sauce at a restaurant when you order spaghetti for a kid. Nobody liked it. Everyone gave it a two for the sweet, ketchup-y flavor, with an overall score of six. Bummer.

Newman’s Own

“This one’s got little black things in it, like [they] burnt some peppers in there,” said Link, “It’s like a restaurant experience.” This one was still a little sweet, but it had a bit of depth, too. “You know me, I’m a smoky man, I like a smoky plan,” said Rhett. A little divisive, this one got a total score of 12.

Whole Foods 365

“Oh look, I can see things in this,” exclaimed Rhett. He was, of course, referring to ingredients, which is always a great sign. Salsa shouldn’t be completely homogenous; when you can see things like onion, herbs, and chunks of tomato and pepper, that’s a good sign. However, it was a little too sweet and the flavor didn’t go over well with everybody. Overall, it also got a score of 12. 


Link thought this one tasted a bit sour. “This is a no,” said Eva. Rhett agreed, but said that he would still eat the whole bowl. “I’m actually fine with this one,” said Link. Frontera is really chunky and has a nice roasted flavor. It got an overall score of 15.


“It’s a pretty thin salsa,” said Rhett. The label claims this salsa is chunky, but the gang found it to be anything but. “This is giving me college frat party vibes,” said Eva. Pace is a little simple, but everyone found it to be pleasant and inoffensive. It got a score of 16 out of 30.


Tostitos had a salty tang that was either welcomed or a complete deterrent, depending on who was tasting. Eva didn’t like it, but Rhett & Link gave it a solid score. They found the taste familiar, but with a great salinity to it. Rhett & Link really liked this one. Tostitos is a classic. It earned the highest score of the bunch, with a 20 out of 30.

Best Salsa

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