An Ice Cream Brand Is Setting Out to Replace the Late Choco Taco

Losing the Choco Taco brought up a lot of feelings for a lot of people. Maybe you were feeling down, like one half of an escalator, or maybe you were feeling shook, like James Bond’s martini. But no matter how you were feeling, it’s safe to say that nobody was particularly happy about the recent unfortunate discontinuation of Klondike’s iconic fusion dessert. That is, except for Enlightened, the “better for you” ice cream brand, who have already swooped in to announce that they will be releasing their own version of the ice cream taco, post-haste. Taco ’bout a hero!

So, where can we find this Enlightened Choco Taco replacement?

The apparently very learned (get it? Because, Enlightened?) taco is not in stores yet. We only just heard the news of the original Choco Taco’s untimely passing last week, so it makes sense that Enlightened’s version wouldn’t be ready for distribution this quickly. That would imply they knew something ahead of time—or DID something ahead of time? Cue soap opera organ sting. And if they did, I’m sure they would want to avoid arousing suspicion in that regard (can an ice cream kill an ice cream?) and keep everything looking above board…which I’m sure it totally is.

(I don’t actually mean to imply that Enlightened did in the Choco Taco, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if there was a whole frozen dairy confection soap opera playing out behind the scenes that the public didn’t know about? NBC, I’m open to writing it for ya! Give me a call.)

Anyhow, as of now, this Choco Taco successor is not in stores. But Enlightened has promised Choco Taco fans that their “team is working their magic to fill the taco-shaped hole in your heart” and that they will bring a limited-edition ice cream taco into this world eventually. And while we cannot yet buy this Choco Taco Vol. II, we can at least sign up to be notified the minute it drops, at this link. Enlightened has also given us an idea of what the box might look like, and ooh ah la:

If this graphic is accurate, the new ice cream taco will be the spitting image of the OG Choco Taco from which it descended. Only time will tell if this new player in the ice cream taco game will live up to the original, but for now, all we can do is feverishly check our emails and phones, say a lil’ prayer to the powers that be, and dream about freezer cases choc full of Choco Tacos…and maybe some Checkers fries, too. What? I’m hungry!

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