If You Want One of the Last Choco Tacos, You’ll Have to Work for It

Still craving a Klondike Choco Taco? Well, the discontinued treat is still available—but only to a select few, and if you want one, you’re going to have to work for it. So if your answer to “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” is “participate in an elaborate digital scavenger hunt,” then there could be a Choco Taco in your future. What a world we live in!

So…what will Klondike’s digital scavenger hunt entail? And how do I participate?

For context, after announcing this past summer that the beloved Choco Taco would be discontinued, Klondike asked the internet for suggestions on what to do with the “exactly 912” (they counted) Choco Tacos they had left in stock.

In response to suggestions from fans, they ended up giving a bunch of Choco Tacos away at a Savannah Bananas Baseball game (in an area of Savannah, Georgia, where the area code is 912—clever!). They gave some more away at the Oasis at Death Valley, a luxury resort in Death Valley. And then they did a giveaway in Bellingham, Washington, one of the least sunny cities in America—after a fan suggested that they “stick [the last remaining Choco Tacos] where the sun don’t shine.” Props to the Choco Taco marketing team for letting democracy decide!

There are still some Choco Tacos left, which leads us to the digital scavenger hunt. It will begin on the @klondikebar Instagram page on September 21, where a clue in “a series of emojis” will send fans to a different Klondike Instagram handle, where they will find another clue, which will send them to another page, and so on. Contestants must go through seven profiles, each containing an emoji riddle, until they arrive at a “digital freezer,” and the first 100 people to get there will win one of the last Choco Tacos.

Maybe you believe the conspiracy theory that the discontinuation of the Choco Taco was all an elaborate marketing ploy by Klondike to generate buzz, but even if that is true (and Klondike insists that it’s not), this whole digital scavenger hunt thing does seem like fun. So if you’re into this kind of thing, and if you love the Choco Taco (R.I.P.), prepare to get out your thinkin’ brain and decipher some emojis one week from today. That is, if that’s something you would do for a (discontinued) Klondike bar.

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