We Tried the New Cookie at the Costco Food Court

People can get testy when you bring up the Costco food court menu. I’m pretty sure there would be a full-scale riot if they ever raised the price of the hot dog combo, let alone removed it from the menu, but a new addition to the lineup is bound to garner a certain amount of fanfare. Suffice it to say, when a $2.49 Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie hit the menu (replacing the twisty, unicorn horn-esque churro), we knew we had to try it. My colleague Jordan Myrick and I braved the Costco parking lot (which was legitimately packed at, like, 11 a.m. on a Thursday) to give the new Costco cookies a shot.

costco food court costco double chocolate chunk cookie

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Costco Food Court Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

When a hot dog and a soda will set you back just $1.50, $2.49 seems like kind of a lot for a cookie, right? Well, as you’d probably guessed, this cookie is freaking huge. It’s not as tall as a cookie from Levain Bakery (iykyk), but it definitely looks like a stack of two cookies. Circumference wise, I’d say the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is about the size of large beverage coaster—but the cookie has its flaws, too.

Pros: As we’ve established, the new Costco cookie is a big cookie and that’s nice if you’re shopping with a friend or partner or child and want to split a sweet snack. But the real key is that this thing is served warm. Nice and warm. So warm that the chocolate chunks get all melty and runny and delicious. That said, I could not eat one of these on my own, nor would I want to for one main reason…

Cons: This thing really, really needs some salt. It’s just so sweet and rich. I had two bites and I felt like I was pretty much done. Sprinkle it with some sea salt? That would keep me coming back for bites even if my stomach was bursting at the seams. If they tweaked this recipe just a little, I think folks would be less bummed about losing the beloved churro to this big ol’ honker of a cookie.




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