Costco Booze Haul! Here’s What Costco Liquor, Seltzer, and Soju to Buy

When cocktails average $17 a pop at bars in Los Angeles, drinking at home starts to seem like a very good option. That’s where the Costco booze section comes in. Costco liquor (Kirkland liquor, in particular) is known for being high quality and affordable—but that’s just the beginning of what you’ll find in the aisles. Costco is a frugal person’s paradise and if you happen to have a hankerin’ for some sauce, there’s a lot to get excited about here. From seltzer to soju, let’s take a look at some of the best Costco booze we spotted on a recent visit.

Kirkland Signature Hard Seltzer

I’m a huge sucker for a variety pack, and buying one from Costco just makes sense. Bulk purchases are meant to be shared, so whether you have several family members who like to crack open a cold seltzer at the end of a long day or there’s a party on the horizon, there’s enough variety here to meet everyone’s needs—and it’s a good $10 cheaper than hard seltzer variety packs from some of the name brands. This was the Sporked crew’s favorite budget hard seltzer variety pack; just be sure to squirrel away a couple of the Black Cherry seltzers for yourself.

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Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita

I didn’t spot Sporked’s favorite Margarita mix at my local Costco, but they did have this premixed Margarita, and since this is a list of the best Costco booze, we’ll improvise. This 1.75 liter bottle is around 12 bucks, which is roughly what it’d cost to get a single rocks Margarita at a bar. The other bonus here is that you can awkwardly lick the salt rim of your glass in the privacy of your own home. If this is anything like Costco’s Margarita mix, it likely leans sweet, but as Sporked editor-in-chief and resident cocktail expert Justine Sterling observed, “cocktails need sugar.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Good Day Soju

Speaking of sweet, there’s no drink that’s more devilishly sweet than soju. This stuff is dangerous. This six-pack of bottles from the ol’ Costco booze section comes with three bottles of lychee soju and three bottles of peach soju, which adds up to six blackouts if you’re not careful. Buy this variety pack, pace yourself, and don’t blame me if you miss work the next day.

Stone Brewing Co Mixed Pack Bottles

Surprise, surprise—another variety pack. IPAs are not my cup of tea, but I know there are little freaks out there who can’t get enough of this stuff. This 24-pack is a pretty good deal at around $40, so let your freak flags fly, I guess. This variety pack from Costco is ideal for someone who’s new to the IPA space and is looking to nail down their perfect bottle. That or a party with a lot of you IPA lovers. Don’t ask me what that would look like—all my friends are too wimpy for this stuff. Maybe a football watch party or a fight club—either seems likely to have IPA lovers in attendance.

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Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whiskey

There’s a lot of Kirkland liquor on this list. I may just be a fanboy or someone who loves a good deal, but for half the price of a bottle of Crown Royal, I think my excitement about this Costco whiskey is justified. If you’re not into Canadian whiskey, I spotted a couple of other, slightly more expensive whiskey options in the Costco booze section, too.

Kirkland Signature Rioja Reserva

My grandpa is a wine nut. And where does he get his wine? You guessed it…Costco! He has some nice bottles stashed away for the big events (he has a case of wine set aside for my wedding, so we’ll see if/when we get around to using that), but for the day-to-day stuff, he goes to Costco. And he loves it. He can’t stop raving about it. I can’t just list one wine and say it’ll be right for everyone, but I can say he knows what he’s talking about and he specifically loves this Costco wine. Don’t be afraid to grab whatever looks good to you, though.

Kirkland Signature Tequila Blanco

Let’s go out with a bang, aka a full handle of tequila for $28. Honestly, the longer it takes you to get to the Costco booze section for a bottle of this, the more money you’re bleeding. I actually did buy this for my 30th birthday party (cheekily themed around Costco), and I can approve of this Costco liquor for all your tequila needs. I obviously have a lot leftover, so that means I’ll be drinking Margaritas for the foreseeable future.

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