We Tried the DiGiorno Thanksgiving Pizza

We were psyched when we heard the news that DiGiorno was releasing a Thanksgiving pizza. And we were even more psyched when we got our pizza-hungry hands on one. The limited edition Thanksgiving pizza is available only through DiGiorno for $11.23 (that’s Thanksgiving’s date this year, it’s very clever pizza). As of this writing, they are currently sold out, but there will be another opportunity to buy on Wednesday, November 22. Should you set your alarm so you can be one of the first to hit the buy button? Here’s our review of the DiGiorno Thanksgiving pizza. 

digiorno thanksgiving pizza

New DiGiorno Pizza!

DiGiorno Thanksgiving Pizza

Made on DiGiorno’s buttery, puffy Detroit-style crust, the DiGiorno Thanksgiving Pizza comes topped with slices of roast turkey, gravy, diced sweet potatoes, green beans, dried cranberries, fried onions, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese. The verdict? It’s good and you should get it. “I love it,” managing editor Gwynedd Stuart said immediately after taking a bite. But let’s dive in deeper. 

The Pros: We were worried that the turkey would be dry, but it’s not! It tastes like real, well-seasoned Thanksgiving turkey slices. The meat gets a little crispy in the oven, but it still stays juicy enough. The gravy is incredible—so, so savory and peppery—and it makes a terrific pizza sauce. We should all be using gravy as pizza sauce. Something else we should be doing? Topping Thanksgiving food in melted cheese. It really, really worked! But the true stars of this Thanksgiving pizza: the crispy fried onions. These are like the crispy onions you get on green bean casserole, and they should be a default option on pizza delivery menus. They’re sweet and crispy and earthy and a delightful addition to ‘za. 

The Cons: My main complaint is that there are no mashed potatoes! How can you have a Thanksgiving anything without mashed potatoes? The only potato presence is sweet potato, and that doesn’t count. At least add a few thinly sliced potatoes to the pie for that potato gratin vibe. Also, the cranberries don’t really taste like anything. Nor do the green beans or the sweet potatoes, for that matter. But really, you’re not getting Thanksgiving pizza for the green beans. So we forgive you, DiGiorno. 

Overall, DiGiorno has created a gem of a Thanksgiving pizza that should be added to its frozen pizza lineup. Hop online early to secure your own on November 22. But if you miss the window, just make your own. Gravy on pizza forever!

Credit: Liv Averett / DiGiorno




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