Hey, Disney Adults: Dole Whip Is Coming to the Grocery Store

Maybe you’ve had Dole Whip at the Tiki Room at Disneyland. Or maybe your local Hawaiian shave ice/dessert place happens to have the right machine for it. But the one place you can never find Dole Whip is at home in your very own freezer. Until now, that is. That’s right, say goodbye to tiki tiki tiki room and say hello to the freezer freezer freezer aisle, because starting this spring, you will be able to purchase Dole Whip at your local grocery store (and don’t panic, you can still get it at Disneyland, too).

What is Dole Whip anyway, and why should I be excited?

Dole Whip is essentially a delicious soft-serve sorbet. Dole describes it as “a better-for-you dessert with a creamy texture and made with real fruit,” (via The Takeout), and whether it is technically better for you or not, this stuff is delicious and that is what really matters in life (and is also why people are so hyped up about this development). Dole Whip is typically pineapple flavored (though it seems the original flavors were pineapple, orange, and strawberry when it launched back in 1983), but they’re adding strawberry and mango to the lineup for the at-home version. So…when can we get our hands on this Dole Whip? It’s lookin’ like it will be available at select retailers starting this April and May. They truly are Dole-ing it out just in time for the summer and I am actually so stoked about it. Because while the birds may not sing words in my studio apartment, at least I will have Dole Whip, and if I’m being honest that’s the best part of the Tiki Room experience (not to diss the Tiki Room, I just like food a lot).

So once April hits, grab a spoon and your favorite Disney adult, and head on down to the grocery store. There may not be any talking or singing birds but there may just be some delicious soft-serve pineapple-y goodness, and that’s pretty dang neat.

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  • I’m so excited that Dole Whip is coming to the grocery store! It sounds like a really delicious and healthier alternative to traditional desserts. Have you tried it before? What did you think?