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Why should kids get to have all the fun with their niche snacks? Adults can have snack time, too, and a delicious one at that. While little kids’ snacks may look appetizing, they’re typically super sugary and don’t really put a dent in your appetite, which kind of defeats the purpose of reaching for a snack in the first place. Below you’ll find a collection of very grown-up snacks that will satiate your adult hunger and let you have a little fun, too. Thank us later with a strongly worded email, like adults do. 

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Sprouts Lightly Buttered Popcorn

Popcorn is a finger food that also doubles as an adult snack because it’s high in fiber but low in calories. As long as it’s not totally drenched in butter (boo), it’s a good snack to munch on. In her best bagged popcorn ranking, managing editor Gwynedd Stuart praised Sprouts Lightly Buttered Popcorn for finding a happy medium between healthy and buttery tasting. “The kernels have a great texture and we loved that it tastes buttery without being too buttery,” she wrote. For adults who are fiber conscious, give this one a try!

Chobani Flip S’more S’mores

I’m surprised flip-top yogurt hasn’t caught on more with the kids (perhaps the oldest-sounding sentence I’ve ever typed). It’s a fun way to get your mix-ins into your yogurt without them getting all soggy even before you crack the container open. Chobani, as we know from our best greek yogurt ranking, makes excellent greek yogurt. So the idea of enjoying premium-tasting greek yogurt with fun mix-ins like graham cracker, chocolate, and toasted sugar bits is pretty tantalizing to an adult person such as myself. It gives you the freedom to play with your food a little bit while choosing a low-fat snack option. A win-win.

Country Archer Original Beef Stick

Leave beef jerky for the teens and pick up a beef stick instead. A fresh bag of beef jerky can really stink up a room; angsty teens may be into that, but we adults like to exercise a little more discretion. We eat our beef snacks in stick form. When Danny Palumbo ranked the best beef sticks, he introduced us to Country Archer beef sticks, which are huge on authentic beef flavor. “This beef stick has such a unique flavor and an almost woody quality,” he wrote. That unique, woody flavor is exactly what we grownups seek when we want to snack like a lumberjack––an adult lumberjack.

Sun Maid Chocolate Yogurt Covered Raisins

Part of being an adult is sitting yourself down and admitting, “Hey, maybe raisins aren’t so bad.” It’s a rocky journey, and we know you may not go from raisin hater to raisin lover overnight, but Sun Maid’s Chocolate Yogurt Covered Raisins may be the stepping stone you require to get you there. They are dangerously good. The chocolate flavored yogurt on the outside of each raisin is incredibly creamy and pairs well with the slightly tangy flavor of the raisins. The outer coating is definitely more like a coating than a shell, which makes for smooth chewing. Adults have sensitive teeth, okay?

Sabra Snackers

If there is anything that I love more than hummus, it is a cup of pretzel chips and hummus. This is a pretty sweet snack setup for an adult, if I do say so myself––and I do. You get the creamy, tangy hummus in the bottom half of the container and a good number pretzels with which to eat it. These aren’t just any pretzels—they’re pretzel chips, which are inherently better (or at least more useful) than twisted pretzels, in my opinion. They’re snappier and flatter, and their surface area allows for optimal dipping and scooping action. Trust me, kid, you’re not gonna want any of these. You should DEFINITELY leave them for us adults. 

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  • Clio Bars! You have got to try them if you haven’t already! I almost want to gatekeep this snack because it’s so amazing.