Hot Sauce Ice Cream Is Here to Heat Up Your Summer

Ever wanted to try an ice cream so interesting that it inspired a Katy Perry song? Well, the new release from Double Rainbow is hot and it’s cold, it’s yes and it’s no, and by that I mean it’s a hot sauce ice cream and people don’t know how to feel about it.

My first thought when I heard “hot sauce ice cream” was, “Ew, vinegar-y ice cream sounds both nasty and bad.” Then I kept reading and found out that it’s not that kind of hot sauce—it’s not a vinegar-based sauce in which the tang comes first and the spice is secondary. This hot sauce is pepper forward and that pepper is specifically chipotle. Now we’re talkin’. 

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The ice cream flavor is called Chipotle Chocolate Chip and it’s a collab between Tia Lupita Foods (a hot sauce company) and Double Rainbow (an ice cream company).  Chipotle chocolate chip ice cream?! That sounds dank as all get-out. I’m imagining a sweet, smoky, spicy chipotle flavor with intermittent chunks of chocolaty goodness. The ice cream is made of “a base of Double Rainbow’s Ultra Chocolate Ice Cream, rich fudge chips, and Tia Lupita’s award-winning Chipotle Hot Sauce.” So, it’s a chocolate-based ice cream. Interesting. Now I know this is a gross oversimplification of what seems to be an enormously innovative new product but is this ice cream going to be kind of like…sweet frozen mole negro (the kind of mole that has chocolate in it)? I’m here for it either way but I am definitely curious how the hot sauce will be incorporated. A swirl? Blended into the ice cream base? Guess we’ll all find out soon enough!

This ice cream became available for the first time on Double Rainbow’s website yesterday for $8.99 per pint (with an eight pint bundle minimum for shipping), and I suggest you get it while it’s hot! And cold!

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