We Tried Dunkin’s Doughnut-Flavored Easter Eggs

Seems like these days every packaged food item just wants to masquerade as another…if only for one night. Well, this year they must have all wished on the same CPG-themed star, because this Easter candy season Frankford Candy LLC is the fairy godmother of all packaged food wishes, including these new Dunkin’ Chocolates Donut Flavored Filled Chocolate Eggs, a collab between Dunkin’ and (you guessed it) Frankford Candy. Yes, this is the same candy company that brought you Claussen pickle jelly beans, which were strange at best, so I braced myself hard for these Dunkin’ eggs, and, boy, was there no need to do that. These things are a gosh darn delight from start to finish.

dunk chocolates dunkin chocolate eggs review

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Dunkin’ Chocolates Donut Flavored Filled Chocolate Eggs

I opened up the bag and immediately it smelled fantastic, like walking into a chocolate shop (the nice kind with all the fancy geometric truffles and the soft jazz playing in the background). Being absolutely floored by some weird Dunkin’-themed chocolate Easter eggs was not at all how I would have predicted this night going, but, hey, I can admit when I was wrong. Each and every one of these eggs has a unique and interesting flavor, and oooooh the chocolate. You guys. The chocolate is better quality than it has any right to be. This stuff came right out of left field and smacked me in the face with smooth, rich, Lindt Lindor-adjacent creaminess and deep chocolatey flavor. The pack comes with Jelly Donut (white chocolate shell), Brownie Batter (milk chocolate shell), and Coconut (dark chocolate shell).

Pros: The Jelly Donut egg is very sweet but it is a candy after all, and the combo of the smooth white chocolate, creamy raspberry center, and the slightly tart jam around the edges makes this a well-balanced delight. It has an almost Fruity Pebbles-like flavor quality to it. The Brownie Batter egg has a silky milk chocolate shell, a brownie batter creme, and also a brownie batter-consistency filling around the creme. It tastes exactly like brownie batter. The Coconut dark chocolate egg is like if you took a dark chocolate Lindt truffle and filled it instead with coconut creme and shaved coconut for a satisfying gritty texture. They’re all phenomenal—not a bad one in the bunch. Dunkin’ absolutely did not need to pop off this hard on a seasonal candy offering, but, hey, I’m sure glad they did.

Cons: I mean I guess when you unwrap them they look like unshelled walnuts? I don’t have an issue with this, personally. I still hold that these bad boys are a near perfect Easter candy.




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