Don’t Glaze Over: There’s a New Dunkin’ Donut Protein Powder Flavor

Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the first brand I would associate with fitness, but they have teamed up again with Dymatize, a popular supplement brand, to add a new Glazed Donut protein powder to their ISO100 protein powder line. 

Dymatize and Dunkin’ first introduced their protein powder line in 2021 but until now, the other protein powder flavors have been more expected. They launched with two coffee drink inspired flavors: Dunkin’ Cappuccino and the Dunkin’ Mocha Latte. This new Glazed Donut flavored protein powder is leap into the sweet treat-inspired flavors. All of Dymatize’s Dunkin’ protein powders contain 25 grams of protein per serving. There are 20 servings per container, so if you order this, you aren’t likely to run out of donut-flavored protein powder soon.

But why is Dymatize and Dunkin’ adding a Glazed Donut flavor?

In general, protein powder isn’t something that I would necessarily want to be able to taste in a shake or smoothie. That’s the whole point of putting it in a shake or smoothie—I want to conceal the flavor of the powder. Although, a sugary glaze taste doesn’t sound unpleasant. However, I am surprised that they haven’t added a chocolate frosted donut flavor yet since chocolate is a popular go-to taste for protein powder. Perhaps the reasoning behind this Glazed Donut protein powder release is that if a customer is in a store aisle and sees a sea of chocolate and vanilla protein powder options, this will stand out.

Also, weirdly, I think that if I had a raw scoop of this Glazed Donut-flavored protein powder, I would feel motivated to work out. The guilt of consuming a donut (powdered or not) would have me jumping rope or lifting barbells to sweat that feeling away. Luckily, it only has 120 calories and one gram of sugar per serving, so we do-nut have to worry too much. Overall, this sounds like a tasty-ish way for athletes to meet their potentially high protein needs. This Glazed Donut protein powder could be a slam Dunkin’. 

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