7 Easy, Tasty Easter Appetizers We Spotted at Aldi

Aldi is an ideal stop for Easter prep. You can find pretty much anything you need and avoid decision paralysis because the selection is largely limited to their own brands. That means you can get in and out of the store faster—and we’re all about saving time when a holiday is on the horizon. In fact, when we recently visited Aldi we kept an eye out for appetizers that are time savers—shortcuts to big flavor so you can concentrate on Easter dinner (or just hanging out, drinking Mimosas, and eating your weight in jelly beans, as is your right). Here are a few solid Easter appetizers from Aldi that will save you time and still wow your bonnet-clad buddies.

Stonemill Everything Bagel Seasoning

No Easter would be complete without deviled eggs. Unfortunately, Aldi didn’t have any of Sporked’s favorite seasonings for deviled eggs, but they did have this everything bagel seasoning that I think will work in a pinch. Sprinkle it onto your devilishly good halved eggs and try to resist filling up before dinner is even on the table.

Specially Selected Panino Tray

Aldi technically does have a charcuterie board, but trust me when I say this: If you think it looks a bit sad in the photo on their website, you definitely wouldn’t be thrilled with the one I saw in store. We’ll pivot! I think this tray with three meats (salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni) all wrapped around mozzarella cheese is a great substitute for Easter. It still gives charcuterie vibes while also saving you prep time.

Happy Farms Port Wine Cheese Ball

Our charcuterie situation needs cheese, but normal cheese seems so lame for Easter. Let’s class things up with a nice cheese ball! Aldi also had a regular sharp cheddar cheese ball, but it’s Easter! Let’s throw some blood of Christ into the mix! (I think port counts?) It’s what Jesus would want, and Aldi is here to provide for the festivities.

Specially Selected Cranberry & Sea Salt Artisan Crisps

Okay, we still need a good cracker for that cheese ball. Aldi has a few different varieties of crisps like these, but cranberry and sea salt sounded the best to me. Those little pops of tangy sweetness are going to be a great complement to the savory cheese ball. Our Aldi Easter appetizer spread is really coming together!

Park Street Deli Spinach Artichoke Dip

It’s crunch time before the whole fam comes over for Easter dinner and you need a quick appetizer? Bring out the dip. I mean, do we need an excuse to put out a good dip? It’s hard to go wrong with a spinach artichoke dip (especially when you melt some extra cheese on top), so this looks like a safe call from Aldi.

Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Crab Cakes

These crab cakes are an Aldi fan favorite, so I guess I have good taste. There’s something about crab cakes just makes sense for Easter. Do Easter crab cakes seem weird? Let’s make it a thing! These Aldi crab cakes even come with cocktail sauce, so you only have to grab one thing for a well-rounded app.

Parkview Cocktail Sausages and Appleton Farms Applewood Smoked Bacon

This is a selfish inclusion. If scarfing down bacon-wrapped cocktail wieners while no one is looking was an Olympic sport, I’d get the gold. There’s no way you can go wrong with these for an Easter app. They do require a little prep, but these are worth it. Plus, you can prepare them and let them simmer in a crockpot before your kitchen is overrun with kids hopped up on sugar they received from the Easter bunny. I found both cocktail sausages and this Sporked-recommended bacon at Aldi.

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