The Best Seasonings to Top Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are top-tier hors d’oeuvres. Regular ol’ hard-boiled eggs are great, but when you bisect them and mush up their yolks with mayo? Heaven on a plate—and a great way to use up all those eggs you dyed for Easter. Traditionally, you’re gonna see these things topped with paprika, but we think you can do better. We’ve rounded up some more creative options for seasoning your next platter of deviled eggs. Everyone at the office potluck is gonna be pumped, we promise.

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Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning Blend

This seasoning from TJ’s does a great job of channeling the flavor of an actual lime to give your deviled eggs a pop of tang. It’s a lot like Tajin, but even limier. And the chili powder adds color and heat. Deviled eggs sprinkled with this zesty seasoning would pair perfectly with micheladas at the park on a Saturday afternoon.

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Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning

If you don’t have Cavender’s in your spice rack, get some immediately. When they say “all purpose,” they mean all purpose. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart regularly uses this savory mix on grilled chicken, and senior writer Jordan Myrick puts it on buttered pasta to create their favorite depression meal. There’s no reason this stuff—a mix of pepper, garlic, oregano, and, most importantly, MSG—wouldn’t be absolutely excellent sprinkled on top of deviled eggs or even incorporated into the yolk mixture.

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Trader Joe’s Everything But the Elote

As Gwynedd pointed, “Trader Joe’s loves to sell a seasoning blend that consolidates the flavor of an entire dish’s multiple components into one savory sprinkle.” Use their hard work to your benefit and try their Everything But the Elote seasoning on your deviled eggs. The two dishes already have mayo in common, and this seasoning will add a little bit of fresh-from-the-farm corn sweetness to boot.

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Salad Supreme 

Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo praised McCormick’s Salad Supreme as the ultimate secret weapon in his pasta salad, and it’s a perfect seasoning for deviled eggs, too. According to Danny, this blend kind of has it all: it’s “salty, peppery, nutty, vegetal, and cheesy.” It’s complex but accessible, and it’ll have people asking, “What the hell is in these?” but, you know, in a good way.

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Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy Seasoning 

It’s ironic that Hidden Valley Ranch, a brand that’s highly connected to Midwest culture, also produces a spicy seasoning, as we Midwesterners are notoriously spice adverse from birth. Anyway, putting this spicy version of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning in or on your deviled eggs is a sneaky way to introduce some spice to grandmother’s palate. As a self-proclaimed Hidden Valley Ranch fan, Jordan believes all of the seasoning packets absolutely rule, and noted this one tastes like ranch mixed with tabasco powder. Once she recovers from the shock, grandma will love.

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Tapatio Picante Seasoning

Tapatio makes a lot more than sauce, which Jordan discovered when they rounded up all the Tapatio products they could find, and this is perfect news for us. With this Tapatio Picante Seasoning you can spice up your eggs without forcing everyone to get hot sauce all over their fingers. Nothing ruins a party like someone howling in agony after they accidentally rub their eyes with a hot sauce-dappled hand.

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Trader Joe’s Onion Salt

Trader Joe’s onion salt is a spice cabinet powerhouse. This mix of allium, salt, and herbs would be good on anything, and it’s sure to add nice savory flavor and a little bit of greenery to your deviled eggs. Gwynedd put this in the top spot in Sporked’s recent roundup of the best Trader Joe’s seasonings because of its excellent oniony, herbaceous flavor. Swap this out for regular salt. Wow your guests.

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