Eat Like Sporked Senior Writer, Jordan Myrick!

Have you ever wondered what the Sporked staff eats like when they’re not at work?

Believe it or not, we don’t typically consume fifteen frozen bean and cheese burritos on our off days. We do, however, utilize the product knowledge we gain at work to inform how we shop for our kitchens at home. Here’s a glimpse into senior staff writer Jordan Myrick’s kitchen and the Sporked products that have made their way into Jordan’s daily life.

8 a.m. 
I typically don’t eat anything the first few hours of the day. I know, I know. Breakfast is the most important meal. That being said, I’m never hungry when I wake up so I just wait until I am to enjoy my first nosh. I do have a gigantic glass of ice water every morning. I love ice water. If I’m in the office (which I am two days a week), I have a “work Dr Pepper” first thing in the morning. I do not drink coffee because I think it tastes bad. Yes, all of it.

11 a.m. 
Early lunch is king in my house. It is our favorite meal of the day. The most typical lunch is the super quesadilla. Super quesadillas are basically quesadillas that get the taco treatment when it comes to fillings. This gigantic griddled taco starts with a Guerrero Tortillas de Harina Caseras Tortilla and then I spread on a thick layer of Ducal Refried Black Beans (which I have been eating my entire life). I crisp it up in a hot pan until the outside is crunchy and the beans are hot. Then, I take it out, open it up, and add whatever veggies I have on hand: lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced radish, pickled jalapeños, etc. I finish it off with either El Mexicano Crema Mexicana Sour Cream or Fage Greek Yogurt (depending on what I have on hand) and Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce.

If I’m in a real hurry, lunch is a handful of pan-fried Bibigo Organic Vegetable Dumplings and some Lucky Foods Original Vegan Seoul Kimchi straight from the jar.

I make gigantic jugs of unsweetened iced tea with Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Tea bags and drink it with pretty much every meal all week.

2 p.m. 
I always have a snack in the middle of the day and that snack is always a savory duo. Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa and On the Border Café Style Tortilla Chips. 365 Roasted Garlic Hummus and Persian cucumbers. Impossible Nuggets and Beaver Honey Mustard.

6:30 p.m. 
For dinner, we usually have some kind of bowl. They’re filled with anything and everything, but they usually feature white rice, air-fried Hodo Organic Extra Firm Tofu, and any vegetables I need to use up. Then, I top mine with my homemade, three-ingredient secret sauce: Duke’s Mayo, Natural Plus Green Sichuan Chili Oil (one of the best things I’ve tried in my time at Sporked), and sriracha. It’s kind of like a knockoff of Bang Bang Shrimp.

If I’m feeling depressed (because we all do sometimes), Celentano Cheese Ravioli is my sadness meal. I toss the pasta with a little vegan butter and a sprinkle of Cavenders All Purpose Greek Seasoning. I know it sounds bizarre to eat vegan butter with cheese ravioli, but I have hereditarily high cholesterol so I try to cut down where I can on the little stuff.

8 p.m. 
My girlfriend and I always end the night with a sweet treat, usually while watching a movie at home or in the theater (shoutout AMC A-List). We love Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers. Don’t worry. We definitely buy them at the theater and don’t sneak them inside in our purses.

11 p.m. 
Before bed, I have another big glass of tap water on ice because I love water. Night!

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Jordan Myrick

Jordan is an L.A.-based writer and comedian who believes all food should come with extra sauce. When they're not writing for Sporked, Jordan is at the movies or sharing an order of french fries with their elderly chihuahua.

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