That’s a Wrap: These Are the 5 Best Flour Tortillas

There’s nothing quite like a scratch-made flour tortilla. Here in Los Angeles, you can pick up packs of incredibly fresh, chewy tortillas at taco spots, local grocery chains, and even some Mexican coffee shops. And I know Texans swear by the house-made tortillas H-E-B sells in its deli.

But extolling the virtues of some tortillas we picked up at a mom-and-pop shop somewhere in Northeast L.A. doesn’t do a reader in Ohio very much good. So what we have here is a list of good tortillas you can actually get your hands on the next time you want a burrito, breakfast taco, or slightly sad tortilla pizza. Personally, I’ve never made a tortilla pizza that wasn’t at least a little bit sad.

For this taste test, the Sporked team was joined by Mythical key set PA Mikayla Barnes, a Texan and flour tortilla fan. We were looking for tortillas that have chew, a balanced, floury flavor, and that don’t taste like weird preservatives or the plastic bag they came in. These were five we could roll with.

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trader joe's truly handmade

Best of the Best

Trader Joe’s Truly Handmade Flour Tortillas

These may be thicker than a lot of tortillas you’re used to—they almost reminded me of huaraches if huaraches were made with wheat flour—but they were the absolute tastiest we tried all day. They’re substantial, and have a great chewy texture and a fatty, almost fried flavor. Presumably, part of the reason these taste so good is that they’re not loaded with preservatives like other packaged tortillas, but that also means (at least in my experience) that they get moldy real quick. Luckily, they taste so good you’ll probably go through them fast. In fact, I think you could make a not sad tortilla pizza with one of these. And that’s really saying something!

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / iStock




trader joe's flour tortillas

Best for a Burrito

Trader Joe’s Flour Tortillas

It was genuinely hard to pick a fave between these and the TJ’s Truly Handmade, but a tie for first was just too much drama for a Thursday, so these came in a confident second. These are big, thin, coated in flour—which makes them feel super genuine—and brilliantly pliable. Heat ’em up a little, and I imagine they’ll stretch nicely around the contents of a monster burrito.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / iStock




guerrero flour tortillas

Best Sturdy

Guerrero Tortillas de Harina Caseras

If you love a stewy taco—something that tends wet like chicken tinga or ropa vieja—Guerrero’s sturdy tortillas feel like they can withstand a lot of juice. “Mmmmm, they’re so floury,” staff writer Jordan Myrick said upon taking a bite. “I’m a toppings freak, and this really holds up.” Truly, you have to give them a good tug to tear them apart, but they still taste fresh and have a good, floury chew.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Target




mission soft flour tortillas

Best Soft

Mission Super Soft Flour Tortillas

When Mission says “super soft,” Mission means “super soft.” These pillowy guys don’t necessarily resemble a restaurant tortilla in terms of texture, but they have a mild, pleasant flavor that Mikayla appreciated. “They don’t taste ‘fakey,'” she said. They also lean savory rather than sweet like some of the others we tried. They’re simultaneously substantial and light, which made me tempted to throw one across the room like a frisbee. But I’d also settle for stuffing one full of fajita fixings.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Instacart




great value flour tortillas

Best Budget

Great Value Flour Tortillas

Tortillas are pretty affordable as it is, but you gotta hand it to Walmart for making them extremely affordable, I suppose—and making them taste decent. “These are so soft,” Jordan said. “I could take a little nap in this.” Great Value tortillas aren’t exactly bursting with flavor, but that’s also one of their strong suits. If you’re looking for a blank canvas for your next burrito, these will do the trick. Sadly, they just aren’t big enough for napping.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Walmart




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  • I need a closer TJs than an hour away. Until then, I agree wholeheartedly, Guerrero will stand up well to tacos full of sauce and pico.

  • Just by her own description, doesn’t sound like someone qualified to write an unbiased review of much of anything. I mean ” never met an Old El Paso taco or mozzarella stick she didn’t like”? Pretty low standards right from the get-go. But on her behalf, it did mention her being from California and that’s not the same California I left behind in the late 70’s and quality of education has nosedived since.

    • Thanks for reading?

      • how DARE YOU have ANY OPINION on TORTILLAS :p

        Tortilla’s are like chili recipes, everyone thinks THEIR families is the best lol

  • I love TJ’s tortillas, but if you find yourself in the Southwest that has a HEB with a Mi Tienda section, which daily makes fresh tortillas in store, please do yourself a favor & try the flour tortillas. soft, melt in your mouth fragrant but not off putting at all. Their best ones to me is the butter variety (so beloved, the HEB makes a candle based on the scent), followed by flour, corn, corn/flour 50/50, wheat and the other flavor varieties. Now they’re not going to be too thick or denser, but they are definitely worth a try.

  • I love Guerrero y La Banderita tortillas, but my local favorite is Diana’s Tortilleria.