An Honest Review of Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Cream Cheese Spread

Trader Joe’s is a powerhouse for new products. No other company is pumping out seasonal items like TJ’s is. Today, we’re discussing the new Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Cream Cheese Spread. Are we hot on this hot chocolate-inspired dairy product or should Trader Joe’s put it on ice?

trader joe's hot cocoa spread

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Cream Cheese Spread

According to TJ’s, they can “personally vouch for the dreamy flavor of a creamy cheese and rich cocoa concoction.” And while I like the concept, the execution is off. It doesn’t have enough chocolate flavor to be considered chocolate-flavored. It’s a little sweet, but not very sweet. The cream cheese isn’t particularly creamy. I think Trader Joe’s should take another crack at the formula for this because I think it could be incredible with a little reworking. For now, it is totally middle of the road and I wouldn’t buy or even eat it if I was offered it for free.

Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s




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  • Often times I find that new TJ’s products are mostly hype. The ideas seem sound and you’re hoping it’s delicious only to to be let down by a “mkd” tasting product. TJ’s has the potential to have so many amazing seasonal products, but they feel rushed to market.