Don’t Get Pressed Over the 5 Best Tofus

Tofu is an elite protein. It can do anything and everything. It takes on the flavor of whatever you pair it with. It’s easy to prepare and affordable. Tofu is a food of endless possibilities and it often doesn’t get the hype it deserves here in the U.S.

Nicole Enayati, Mythical Kitchen star and friend of Sporked, popped in to the office to taste tofu with us. How did we taste tofu, you might ask? We ate it cold, unseasoned, and straight out of the package. I know that’s not how most people are consuming tofu (especially firm tofu). But since there are so many different types of tofu and ways to flavor and prepare it, we decided this way was the fairest way to even the playing field. Here are picks of the top tofus when it comes to nationally available grocery store tofus in America.

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Best of the Best

House Foods Premium Extra Firm Tofu

House Foods Premium Extra Firm Tofu was the favorite of every single one of our taste testers. It was super firm and had a strong soybean flavor. Mark Catangui, Sporked social media manager, thought it had a nice, natural umami taste to it. This would be great in any kind of preparation and would hold up to all kinds of sauces. Another great thing about this tofu is that it’s widely available, making it one of the more accessible options. Good job, House Foods!

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Best Soft

Mori-Nu Nigari Silken Tofu

I absolutely love this tofu. Mori-Nu Nigari Silken Tofu literally melts in your mouth. It’s creamy and mild and everything you want silken tofu to be. I brought home what was left over and topped it with a soy/scallion/chili oil mixture. It was the perfect dinner. I imagine this would also be wonderful in soups like Soondubu Jjigae or pureed into tofu-based desserts, like vegan chocolate mousse. It’s affordable and has so many uses, so what are you waiting for? Buy it!

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Best for Frying

Hodo Organic Extra Firm Tofu

Hodo makes some of the best tofu on the market. Their wide variety of pre-seasoned tofus are incredibly flavorful and super easy to cook. They are also one of the few places selling yuba sheets, which I think is super cool. But make sure you don’t forget about their plain tofu! It’s just as wonderful as everything else they sell. I think it’s ideal for frying because it’s super firm and doesn’t come packed in a ton of water. All you have to do is take it out of the package, cut it up, and toss it in the air fryer for crispy tofu nuggets you could add to all sorts of meals.

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Best Budget

365 Organic Firm Tofu

At $1.99 a package, you can’t get much cheaper than the Whole Foods 365 Organic Firm Tofu. Toss a ton of this in your cart to make a huge portion of stir fry to feed your family for the week. It has a great texture and mild flavor. It gets super crispy when you fry it up and is also great sauteed. Plus, if you have tofu-resistant family members who might be skeptical about softer tofu, this is almost firm enough to act as a meat substitute.

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Best for Vegans

Nasoya Organic Super Firm Tofu

Nasoya’s Organic Super Firm earns the title “best for vegans” because it has so many potential uses. It’s not too firm and not too soft. It’s pre-drained which is super convenient. It could be broken up and eaten for breakfast as a tofu scramble. You could crumble it and make soyrizo for taco night. You could fry chunks of it to make bang bang tofu. There’s really nothing this tofu can’t do.

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Other Products We Tried: Simple Truth Organic Silken Tofu, Wildwood Extra Firm Tofu, Simple Truth Organic Extra Firm Tofu, House Foods Premium Soft Tofu, Sprouts Organic Firm, Azuyama Firm Tofu, Good & Gather Extra Firm Tofu, Trader Joe’s Firm Tofu

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  • This article could use more details. For example, you didn’t even describe what some of them tasted like! Or if they had a strong vs mild soybean flavor. For example, I’m looking for a healthier substitute for fresh mozzarella in my homemade caprese salads, which I eat frequently. I don’t mind the taste of tofu, but I definitely want something mild and on the sweeter (naturally) side for replacing mozzarella. I didn’t come away from this article feeling at all confident about any of these options for that purpose.
    I’f nothing else, maybe add how strongly flavored each of your top picks was??