The Best Cheese for Burgers (from Mild to Wild)

The best cheese for burgers comes in many forms. In fact, it really comes down to what you’re in the mood for that day. Want a straight-up, no-frills, fast food-style burger? American cheese is best. How about a very 1990s mushroom burger? Swiss is the cheese for the job. Or maybe you’re craving a burger from that one sort of fancy restaurant that gets away with charging $19 for the sandwich and then charging you extra for fries? Well, then it’s brie time, baby. When it comes to the best cheese for burgers, you have options. From the best cheese for smash burgers to the best cheese for turkey burgers, here are 5 Sporked-approved sliced cheeses that are sure to turn a great burger into a great cheeseburger.

Kraft Deli Deluxe American

Naturally, Sporked’s favorite American cheese makes an appearance on our list of best cheese for burgers. It’s the best cheese for a smash burger, hands down, but you can pair this stuff with pretty much any style patty (or veggie patty) and love life. What you get here is a slice of cheese that melts beautifully but isn’t plasticky like other American cheeses. Plus, it actually tastes like dairy rather than salt and oil. Kraft Deluxe isn’t just the best American cheese for burgers—it’s among the best cheese for burgers, periodt!

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Sargento Sliced Swiss

Okay, we don’t have to tell you that Swiss is the best cheese for burgers if you’re making mushroom Swiss burgers, because, duh, but we are compelled to remind you that Swiss is pretty much always among the best cheese for burgers. Sargento Swiss, in particular. This stuff has great chew, a compelling nutty flavor, and a little bit of that signature Swiss bitter bite. We all know that Swiss really sings on a turkey sandwich, so we think this is the best cheese for turkey burgers, for sure.

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Tillamook Extra Sharp White Cheddar

Even though white cheddar and yellow cheddar taste the same (the only diff is that the yellow variety contains a natural food coloring), white cheddar is aesthetically pleasing in a way that we think makes it the one of the best cheeses for burgers. Yellow cheddar is pedestrian; white cheddar is sophisticated because it’s the less obvious choice—just go with it. This Tillamook sharp white cheddar is the perfect cheese to really make an impression on a burger. It’s has that sharp cheddar bite and melts like a dream. It’s the best cheese for a burger stopped with lots of lettuce and mayo.

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Emporium Selection Soft Ripened Double Creme Brie

Now we’re really getting wild with our best cheese for burgers. Emporium Selection Soft Ripened Double Creme Brie is the brie for brie haters out there. It’s deceivingly mild and has just a touch of rindy funk, so everyone can enjoy it. This Aldi cheese is affordable, and it’s the best cheese for burgers topped with with a mound of caramelized onions and a healthy smear of something sweet, like fig jam. Make that pricey restaurant burger in your own kitchen and you’ll be able to afford a house in no time (jkjk)!

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Point Reyes Original Blue

If you’re looking for the best cheese for burgers that taste predominantly like the cheese in question, ya gotta go with blue. Point Reyes Original Blue has a lot going on—it’s simultaneously sweet, savory, and a little bit smoky—and all of that is going to really complement a burger, especially if you’re cooking on a charcoal grill. Do you know what else is sweet and savory and smoky? That’s right, a cheeseburger. Even if you’re skeptical, just try it and thank us later.

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