The Best Candy for Easter Eggs

Ah, the Easter egg hunt. It was the only part of Easter I experienced as a kid, and, honestly, it was exactly my speed. I mean, a game where you get to run around looking for hidden, colorful plastic eggs filled with glorious candies of all kinds and just take as much as you can find?! Incredibly fun. It’s like Halloween plus scavenger hunt plus giant, anthropomorphic rabbit (for some reason). But it wouldn’t be an Easter egg hunt without the tastiest candy, so below is our list of the best candy for Easter eggs.

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Starburst Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are an Easter classic, so we couldn’t make a list of the best candy for an easter egg hunt without them. Plus, they turn plastic eggs into edible maracas. Kind of iconic. These jelly beans made a big impression when the Sporked team taste tested Easter candy. Contributor Danny Palumbo even called them “the best jelly beans.” Why? Because these jelly beans “explode with delicious flavor. There’s something thrilling about the perfectly fruity taste and chewy texture.” If you’re looking for a solid egg-fillin’ bean, these beans reign supreme.

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 Sour Skittles

There needed to be a sour candy on this list and we wanted that candy to be tasty, tiny, and actually sour. Now, why would you want Sour Skittles? Um, why would you not want Sour Skittles? Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart noted that these have a “face-slapping sourness,” as well as the “classic Skittles crunch we love.” What more could you want on Easter? It’s the best candy for an easter egg hunt if you can handle the pucker.

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I mean, come on. If I had had these in Easter eggs as a kid my brain probably would’ve imploded from excitement. Actually, in hindsight, maybe it’s better that I didn’t have them back then. Point is, Hi-Chew are fan-frickin-tastic fruity, chewy candies, and you literally can’t go wrong with any flavor you buy, although Rhett & Link’s faves (that you can get in the U.S.) were Grapefruit, Green Apple, and Blueberry. So, get a big bag of Hi-Chew, throw two or three individually wrapped pieces in each egg, and watch all the kids love life just a little bit more, even if their brains burst a little. A list of the best candy for easter eggs wouldn’t be complete without ’em.

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Smush a Peep in There

This is a fun biology lesson for the kids because when they open the egg a real, albeit very smushed, pastel-colored (marshmallow) bird hatches out. Isn’t life beautiful?

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Not only are these delicious and, hands down, my mom’s favorite chocolate candy (even among year-round chocolate candies), they’re good for some fun eggs-on-eggs action. It’s like Russian nesting eggs except there’s only one nest. As for why they are so good, they have a sweet, shatteringly crisp outer candy shell and are filled with milk chocolate Danny called “just so damn delightful” and “otherworldly in comparison to other chocolate.” He described the shell as “crunchy perfection.” Between the smooth, milky interior and the sweet, crackly exterior, these are extremely addicting.

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 Peanut M&M’s

Last on our list of the best candy for easter eggs, are the crunchy, chocolatey, peanutty, famously egg-shaped, peanut M&M’s. Why are these among the best candy to put in easter eggs? Easy. M&Ms “melt in your mouth, not in your hand,” according to their classic ads, and if kids are going to be clutching these in their sweaty little palms while they’re running around and looking around for even more eggs, then this is a good way to ensure they can eat chocolate without it getting absolutely everywhere. Also, if there are leftovers, you get Peanut M&Ms for your snack drawer at work. Everybody wins.

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