Are Trader Joe’s New Apple Caramel’s a Must-Have Fall Treat? Or Do They *Fall* Flat?

Say what you will about Trader Joe, but he’s a generous lover—especially when fall rolls around. The man behind the brand behind a million and one seasonal products isn’t only peddling pumpkin spice during these crisp autumn months. In fact, my colleague Jordan Myrick, a pumpkin-spice skeptic, recently tried every new fall product Trader Joe’s has to offer this year that doesn’t involve pumpkin spice, among them some apple caramels I thought deserved a closer look.

I love caramel. I love apples (one of my great joys is trying apple cultivars I’ve never tried before). Caramel apples are great, but a whole-ass apple covered in melted sugar is kind of a big commitment. Could Trader Joe’s Apple Caramels be a solution, minus the stick? Let’s find out.

trader joe's apple caramels

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Apple Caramels

The package advertises that these little wrapped caramels are naturally flavored and made with real apple cider, but I gotta say, they suuuuure taste like artificially flavored green apple candy to me. Worse, they really lack that buttery, indulgent caramel flavor. Blindfolded, I would have thought I was eating some kind of green apple taffy.

I also think these are a little softer than a lot of caramels, which means they really get lodged in your teeth (trying to review them in real time on camera was my “Aaron Burr” moment). Ultimately, they aren’t worth the time you’ll spend jamming your index finger into your back molars.




Tasting Trader Joe’s Apple Caramels

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