Rhett & Link Taste Every Flavor of Hi-Chew (Gesundheit)

Name a chewy fruity candy better than Hi-Chew. Do it. I dare you. Can’t name one? That’s okay, my dudes—there simply isn’t one. Hi-Chew is a Japanese fruit candy that came to the U.S. in 2008. It has a loyal fanbase and, in my opinion, is not only one of the best chewy, fruity candies out there but one of the best candies out there, periodt. But which flavor is best? With 37 to choose from (and three not even from the U.S.), there really is no wrong answer, but there are certainly answers that are “more right,” according to Rhett & Link, who tasted every Hi-Chew flavor during an October 2022 episode of Good Mythical Morning. Here are the four best.


Rhett & Link loved how refreshing and “almost healthy” this flavor tasted. They also got to try this one before their jaws were permanently damaged from all the chewing, so that may have helped it rank well, too. The guys not only thought Grapefruit Hi-Chew was delicious but also claimed it “woke up their faces” (whatever that means). Either way, grapefruit won the title of “the highest and the chewiest.”


This is one of the Hi-Chew flavors that isn’t from the U.S. As such, the texture was softer and the flavor was milder than some of its American counterparts. Link called this a “superior consistency,” and Rhett said he’d put it on some frozen yogurt. Upon first tasting this one Link said, “That’s accurate, y’all! If you like lychee, you’re gonna love a Lychee Hi-Chew.” Rhett added, “That is very accurate and very good.” If you like accuracy, sounds like this is the Hi-Chew for you.

Green Apple

Toward the end of the episode, Rhett & Link were second guessing themselves and thinking maybe they just scored this one well because it was one they’d tried early on. But upon re-trying it, they determined that it’s “really good, dude.” Link said this one tastes “just as good as Jolly Rancher, maybe better.” High praise, but I totally agree—Hi-Chew Apple just hits different.


This one wasn’t quite as good as the top three, but they both liked it pretty well. It reminded Link of Bonkers, a chewy candy that was discontinued in the 1990s, but, alas, neither of the guys thought it really tasted like blueberry. Both of them were surprised this one ended up in the final four because it’s good but not excellent like the grapefruit.

As for runners-up? They liked the Orange & Tangerine flavor, as well as the Yubari Melon flavor because it tasted like honeydew. Rhett liked the plain yogurt flavor too, but Link really did not.

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