Rhett & Link Taste Peanut Chocolate Candy for Halloween

Wake up and smell the pumpkin candles, people!!! It’s already mid-October!! And if you happen to be both a fall-lovin’ and a peanut butter-lovin’ fiend then keep on a readin’.

On a 2021 episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link pitted the eight most popular peanut chocolate Halloween candies (as voted on by 40,445 Mythical Beasts) against each other in a tournament-style showdown to see whi(t)ch chocolate peanut butter candy should be crowned the “Most Handy Peanut Chocolate Halloween Candy.” Here’s how it shook out.

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Reese’s Pumpkins

Rhett bit into one of these and mumbled, “Oh man.” Link sarcastically pointed out they don’t taste like pumpkin even though they are shaped like wide pumpkins. What Rhett & Link did like, though, is that these contain SO MUCH PEANUT BUTTER! The ratio is definitely different from a regular Reese’s cup. Rhett found himself “drawn to these,” and Link did too, because of the PB-to-C ratio, the festive Halloweenie-ness of it all, and the added limited time specialness.


Did you know Snickers are named after the Mars family horse? Well, Rhett & Link found this equestrian candy to be anything but pedestrian. Link said, “The nougat…hah. It’s just enough on its own.” Just as Baby Ruth is not greater than the sum of its parts according to Link, the components of Snickers are definitely team players—making it the best candy bar ever, but when it comes to Halloween candy handiness, they had to go with the Reese’s Pumpkins.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

The classic. The winner of the Halloween candy tournament back in 2019 only to be usurped last year in this very video. Link tried this and just said “Mmm” and smiled directly into the camera. Rhett & Link liked the chocolate crust edge but that wasn’t enough for it to beat the superior ratio of PB to C in the Reese’s Pumpkins.

Peanut M&Ms

Created in 1954, these are a very classic candy. Also, the yellow M&M is allegedly voiced by J.K. Simmons nowadays, who, you might like to know, Rhett & Link saw in a mall food court once. As for the candy, Rhett liked that you can bite it and take the shell off and then you have a single peanut you can “experiment with in your mouth.” Rhett preferred these over the PB M&Ms, Link preferred PB M&Ms, the tie was eventually broken by a Mythical Beast named Jack T. who put these ones ahead due to their multi-dimensionality.


This grandpa of a candy bar has been around since 1920. I wonder if they knew the Great Gatsby? Anyhoo, Link pointed out that “these things do not play,” and are apparently crunchy due to cornflakes in them (which I had no idea was a thing!). Link noted that the taste is good but “you gotta clean it out of your teeth, man,” while Rhett pointed out that every time you do that, you get to taste it again and that that is not a negative thing. But that couldn’t save Butterfinger. Even Rhett, the Butterfinger fan, had to admit the creamy, chocolatey Reese’s Pumpkin (that was the other competitor this round) was better.

Peanut Butter M&Ms

This millennial candy (they were born around 1991, see) are both less popular and newer than Peanut M&Ms. Rhett tried these and said, “Hm! I love those?” Link did the same and said, “Me too, let’s do it.” But Rhett said “not so fast” and admitted that he liked the interactive nature of the peanut ones better—and the tiebreaker agreed.

Baby Ruth

Another absolute grandpa of a candy, these came around back in the roaring year of 1921, and enjoy both jazz and headbands that go around your head the wrong way. Rhett said, “I’m not a fan,” and Link said, “Baby Ruth is not greater than the sum of its parts” (unlike Snickers), which is interesting since they both have nougat, caramel, and peanuts. I guess Snickers knows something Baby Ruth doesn’t. Therefore, these were, as they say in baseball “out.”

Mr. Goodbar

Rhett & Link liked the shiny edge of the mini version of these, but didn’t like that the name didn’t fully fit on the packaging. Fun Fact: these were marketed during the great depression as a “tasty lunch,” which makes sense if you are a person who eats a chocolate bar with some peanuts in it for lunch. But, alas, there was no way this tasty lunch could beat Reese’s which, unfortunately, it started against right off the bat.

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