Best Bag of Halloween Candy: Trick or Treat! It’s the 5 Best Halloween Candy Mixes

The best bag of Halloween candy is big, diverse, and affordable. Whether you buy them to give out to neighborhood children on All Hallow’s Eve or stuff in your snack drawer at work, big bags of Halloween candy rule. There is nothing like a diverse mix of sweets in a gigantic sack. But don’t be fooled, not all bags of Halloween candy are created equal.

We tasted all the bags of miniature Halloween candy we could find to help you figure out which are an absolute treat and which feel like a total trick. This list will help you buy the best mixed bag of Halloween candy this year and keep your house from getting TP’d.

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Best of the Best

Kirkland All Chocolate

The Kirkland All Chocolate Mix contained some of the most lusted-after Halloween candy. Peanut Butter M&M’s and Twix are delicious and have a high trade-in value when it comes to swapping sweets with your friends. Almond Joys and York Peppermint Patties appeal a little more to the older crowd. This bag of Halloween candy mix is diverse and satisfying. It’s from Costco so you know you’re getting a good size-to-price ratio. You could buy multiple bags and stockpile them to enjoy throughout the year (which you’ll want to do because this bag is such a crowd pleaser).

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Best for Everyone

Sour Patch Kids Fruit Mix

You would think a bag of just Sour Patch Kids would be boring, but you would be wrong! The Sour Patch Kids Fruit Mix has a bunch of different kinds of Sour Patch Kids that all feel totally different. There are individually wrapped Swedish Fish, extra large Sour Patch Kids, bags of Tropical Sour Patch Kids, and bags that have extra sour Sour Patch Kids. On top of being both sweet and tart, this is the best Halloween candy mix for different dietary needs. Despite being jellies, these candies contain no gelatin, making them perfect for vegans, vegetarians, or kids who don’t eat pork because of their religion. They’re dairy-free and nut-free, too. This bag of Halloween candy is a very considerate and thoughtful purchase.

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Best Non-Chocolate

Kirkland Funhouse Treats

Funhouse Treats is, indeed, a very fun Halloween candy mix! It’s not the bag of Halloween candy I would typically think to buy, but I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional variety and quality of its content. Mini Airheads, bags of Swedish Fish, Skittles? All A+ Halloween candy. This bag is ideal for anyone who is not into chocolate. Fans of fruit and chew and sugar will love this blend of Halloween candy that features zero chocolate.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Costco




Best Classic

Haribo Trick or Treat Mix

I have never thought of gummy bears as something even remotely Halloween-y, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Haribo did a great job revamping their brand for the month of October. This bag of Halloween candy comes with gummy snakes, bats, and skulls, as well as favorites like gummy bears and Happy-Cola (one of the best gummy candies in our opinion). There are classic flavors and sour flavors. I was thoroughly impressed by these tiny packs of gummies. I think any child would be thrilled to receive a mini bag of themed Haribos.

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Best for Adults

Hershey All the Greats Mix

This is the best bag of Halloween candy for those people who live in an apartment and are not sure if kids are going to come to knock on their door. It’s a small bag of candy they would be totally fine eating if no children show up all night. This bag is tiny (in terms of bags of Halloween candy) and the selection of chocolates is a little mature. I love it, though, because it has some of the classic greatest hits of American chocolate.

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  • I purchased a few variety Halloween bags from Sam’s Club and am baffled with the inclusion of Hershey’s Kisses, in one of the mixed bags! It has Heath, Kit Kat, Rolo’s, Reese’s PB Cups and Hershey’s Kisses. In my opinion, Hershey’s Kiss approved holidays are Christmas and Valentines only. Not Halloween.