The Best Candy if You Hate Chocolate

Fun fact: not everyone likes chocolate. I know, right? Shocking. But if there’s one thing I know about people who don’t like chocolate, it’s that, in general, they still like candy of the non-chocolate variety (unless they are one of those “I don’t like any sweet things at all” people, in which case I have no idea how to relate). So, if chocolate is not your thing, don’t even trip, my cocoa-hating cocoa-mrade, we’ve put together a list of the best candy if you hate chocolate.

Sour Skittles

If you don’t like chocolate candy, sour candy is a must. It’s sweet, it’s fruity, and most of all, it’s sour so people will still take your taste in candy (and you as a person) seriously. If I am being totally honest, I would take a good sour candy over a chocolate candy nine times out of ten (but shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that, they’ll cancel me and then I’ll have to get a real job). And if you are going to have a sour candy, you may as well have the best one: Sour Skittles. Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart said it best when she described them as having a “face-slapping sourness” and “that classic Skittles crunch we love.”

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Haribo Goldbears

I mean, if you don’t like chocolate, I am sure you know your way around some gummy candy. And when it comes to gummy bears in particular, these are the gold standard (pun absolutely intended). They have a variety of different flavors to keep things interesting and when it comes to the texture, as Justine put it, they “require time to chew but you’re rewarded with long-lasting flavor.” And the flavors are good, too: Lemon (yellow), Orange (duh), Strawberry (green), Raspberry (red), and Pineapple (clear). I’m partial to the red and yellow bears together, but editor-in-chief Justine Sterling prefers the clear.

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Werther’s Original Caramel Hard Candies

Ah yes, the grandma candy to end all grandma candies. The perfect purse nuggets, the geriatric gemstones, the butterscotch beauties, aka Werther’s Original. They are not just for old people, they are for all people, and here’s why: they are delicious. When Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo ranked the best hard candy, he noted a “strong caramel and toffee flavor that’s rich in fat,” and pointed out that the ingredients include both milk and cream. There is literal cream in these candies to make them creamy! Go get some and enjoy a non-fruity, non-chocolatey treat. Plus, these are certainly the best candy if you hate chocolate AND fruit candy (though if this describes you, I’m gonna need you to blink twice if you’re okay).

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Grapefruit Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew may just be the best candy. Period. You have probably tried them at some point already (especially if you hate chocolate and even if you don’t), and if you have not tried Hi-Chew yet, my guy, you are missing out. Fix that. Try them. They are chewy without being sticky, the flavors are interesting and varied, and they come in so many different varieties you are bound to like at least one. When Rhett & Link tasted every Hi-Chew flavor, they liked Grapefruit best.

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Starburst Flavored Fruit by the Foot

This one is a bit of a wildcard, I know. But trust us when we say this absolutely belongs on the list of best candy if you hate chocolate. It is fruity, three feet long, and most of all, these fruit rolls “taste exactly like Starbursts.” These are divine. Plus, you get to live out your childhood dream of purchasing Fruit by the Foot with your own hard-earned money. Go live your best life!

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Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks

I know, I know, fruit snacks are only sort of candy. Well, I made the executive decision that they belong on this list because guess what?! I like ‘em. And I make the rules around here (“here” being this specific article, but still). But seriously, you chocolate-hating reader you, try these again as an adult and you will understand just how delightfully fruity they are. Jordan wasn’t sure they would hold up in adulthood but, boy, do they. Jordan called them “pleasantly springy without being too chewy,” and noted that the “fruity flavor is authentic and mostly natural with just a tinge of the artificial flavor you desire from a packaged snack.” Go get you some of these and enjoy life just a bit more.

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