Rhett & Link Blind Taste Test Popular Brands of Peanut Butter

Which peanut butter is peanut better? Naturally, Rhett & Link were ready to talk about that. On a 2018 episode of Good Mythical Morning, the dyed-in-the-wool peanut butter bois slapped on some blindfolds and tasted a total of six brands of creamy peanut butter to find their favorites (and test their taste buds): Jif, Skippy, Peter Pan, Smucker’s, Great Value, and Justin’s. Each brand took a ride on the Peanut Butter Jar Car straight to tasting town.

Below, you’ll find the results of the guys’ “Move Aside Wedding Day and Children’s Birthdays, Today Is the New Best Day of My Life ‘Cause I’m Eating All the Peanut Butter, Baby Taste Test.” (And, for even more peanut butters, check out the Sporked ranking too.)

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“That’s some thick peanut butter,” said Link after taking a bite of Smucker’s Natural Creamy, which was nutty and oily in a way that either meant it was higher quality or lower quality. Ultimately, neither Rhett nor Link were fans, giving this jar a five and a four respectively. Maybe stick to the jelly part of the sandwich, Smucker’s.


This one was “very nutty,” so nutty that Rhett said he “literally felt the nuts in my mouth.” While they gave it props for its nutty flavor, the guys decided this one was maybe a bit too natural. Link gave it a seven and Rhett gave it an eight, for a total score of 13.

Great Value

While Great Value didn’t quite stand up to Peter Pan or Jif, both Rhett & Link liked it. “I can’t be critical of this peanut butter,” Link confessed, while Rhett wondered aloud, “Is all peanut butter good?” Link especially liked the nuttiness and gave it and eight for a total of 15. Rhett thought there was something just a little bit off about it and gave it a seven. Neither guy guessed this one correctly, with Rhett going with Smucker’s and Link going with Jif.


This one was Rhett’s favorite right off the bat. But it was a little loose and “overly spreadable” for Link’s taste. “It’s good but different,” Link said, before correctly guessing this was Skippy. Rhett went with Jif.

Peter Pan

“It’s good … it’s real good. Can I just say that,” Rhett asked after taking a bite of Peter Pan. Link also loved it, saying it’s “so creamy, like sailing on a smooth sea of brownness.” Both gave it a score of eight, but, alas, neither correctly identified this creamy guy, despite it being Link’s “jam as a kid.” Rhett guessed Skippy and Link guessed Jif.


Link liked that Jif was nice and creamy liked Peter Pan, but detected just a little more sweetness in Jif. And he liked that. He gave it a nine, while Rhett thought it was just about as good as Peter Pan and gave it an eight. But that added hint of sweetness definitely helped it come out on top in the end. Rhett correctly identified it as Jif, while Link thought it was Peter Pan. In the end, Link guessed three correctly and was crowned Lord of the Nuts. And Jif was crowned the official peanut butter of Good Mythical Morning.

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