You Can (and Should) Eat Candy Corn at Every Holiday

Rise up, candy corn lovers! As one of the few candy corn enthusiasts out there, I feel that it is my responsibility to assert that candy corn shouldn’t be limited to a single holiday. Instead, it can and should be enjoyed at every seasonal celebration. Luckily, many candy manufactures are already making this a reality. Here’s how you too can enjoy the sweet, sweet goodness of candy corn all year round.

Valentine’s Day

candy corn: valentine corn
Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart

Valentine’s Day is home to plenty of mediocre and innovative candies alike. Brands like Reese’s, Sweetarts, and Jolly Rancher are leading the effort to keep this holiday afloat in the sweets world. However, the real savior may have entered the chat long ago. Zachary Confection’s Valentine Corn is here to singlehandedly reclaim Valentine’s Day and save us from the mouth-wrecking terror that is Sweethearts. Sure, corn isn’t very romantic—but it’s not very scary, either. Valentine Corn is pink, red, and white, fulfilling the Valentine’s Day candy requirements. Plus, it comes in a tub. Everything is better in a tub.


candy corn: easter corn
Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart

I am convinced that Peeps exist only to ruin microwaves. I will not go as far as saying that Peeps are the candy corn of the Easter world because candy corn is good. However, as much as I cannot remember the last time I willingly chose to eat a Peep, they are the first candy that comes to mind when mentioning Easter. Now, once again, the kind people at Zachary Confections have demonstrated the versatility in candy corn with their springtime offering: Easter Corn. Why should we default to Peeps when we could be finding Easter eggs filled with pastel colored candy corn?

Independence Day

candy corn: independence day corn
Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart

Our candy options for July 4th are slim. There is so much room for growth, so much room for corn. Luckily, Zachary comes through again with a red, white, and blue candy corn (available seasonally in 5-pound bags at Walmart). And this one is flavored like raspberry lemonade. You’ll find me at the next July 4th celebration with a sparkler in one hand and a cup of Zach’s raspberry lemonade corn in the other.


candy corn: thanksgiving day corn
Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart

You knew this one was coming. I know I’m not the only one who sees the candy corn on the cob pictures every year, but I may be one of the first to openly admit that I’m game. I think more candy companies should take bigger risks and get behind the idea of commercialized candy corn cobs. Brach’s took an admirable swing with a turkey dinner-flavored candy corn assortment, although I’m not sure if I’m as comfortable with my candy tasting like vegetables as I am with it looking like them. Creativity: 10/10. Execution: needs work. In any regard, Thanksgiving is an easy holiday for candy corn to take over. Corn is, after all, a Thanksgiving staple.


Candy corn: Christmas corn
Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart

Christmas is teeming with untapped candy corn potential. Aside from the obvious green, red, and white color scheme, which, of course, already exists thanks to Zachary and is called Reindeer Corn, there are also plenty of Christmas shapes into which candy corn can be molded. Who wouldn’t be elated to reach into their stocking and find a handful of candy trees, stars, stockings, and elves?


candy corn: birthday candy corn
Credit: Ryan Martin / iStock

Now, I am a Halloween baby, which means that I already get to enjoy candy corn on my birthday. However, I feel that this luxury should be extended to others as well. Let’s get some birthday cake candy corn in the mix! Birthday cake flavored items have a grip on society that is not loosening up anytime soon. And I think that we, as a society, have advanced enough to the point that anything can be birthday cake-flavored. This just might be the flavor to graduate candy corn from scrub to household staple overnight. Brach’s released both chocolate birthday cake and carrot cake varieties of candy corn for a limited time a few years back, but, unlike green bean-flavored candy corn, these ideas have legs! They can stand on their own! Brach’s should refocus and redouble their efforts on their birthday cake flavor. I’ll be an initial investor.

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  • It seems like the easter corn is a missed opportunity to make marshmallow-flavored corn! I would love that. Maybe chocolate and marshmallows? Now you’re getting into smores territory… you could have a whole campfire line of candy corn!
    Another passing thought – I wonder if the same people that don’t like candy corn don’t like fondant on cake? Maybe too much grainy sugar for them.