This Elf on the Shelf Cereal Claims to Cool Your Mouth

I don’t have kids (whoops!), but that hasn’t prevented me from being aware of the existence of the Elf on the Shelf, a sprawling network of small beings who conspire to make parents’ lives annoying during the holidays. Now the elf wants to occupy your grocery cart too, mom.

In October, the Elf on the Shelf North Pole Snow Creme Cereal hit Walmart stores with a bold promise on its box: It supposedly cools your mouth as you eat via a “slow-release flavor ingredient,” according to a press release. The aim is to capture the sensation of eating a snowball that happens to be made out of vanilla ice cream. It joins a line of Elf of the Shelf products including Hot Cocoa Cereal, Sugar Cookie Cereal, Pop-Tarts Bites, Nutri-Grain Bites, and something simply called Jumbo Snax. But we were mostly curious about this mouth-cooling cereal. So, we snagged a box to find out if it’s magic in a box or just another of the elf’s tricks.

elf on the shelf cooling cereal

New Product!

The Elf on the Shelf North Pole Snow Creme Cereal

So, here’s the thing about cereal: When you eat it in a bowl with milk you just took out of the refrigerator, it cools your mouth by virtue of … being cold. (And if you put ice cubes in your cereal like editor-in-chief Justine Sterling, it cools your mouth even more.) If this cereal has a cooling agent, I’m not sure who’d be able to tell! The other selling point is that it contains mini marshmallows (everyone loves mini marshmallows), but I really struggled to find any in the box.

But, Gwynedd, does it taste good? Sure. Yes. It has a strong vanilla flavor that reminded me of cake batter or frosting. It’s a sugary, desserty cereal that’s plenty o’ fun—as long as you don’t have your heart set on marshmallows or magic.




Tasting Kellogg’s Elf on the Shelf Cereal

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