Everything You Need to Make the Ultimate TikTok Feta Pasta

If you, like me and every other person in the world, became addicted to the TikTok feta pasta because of how easy it is to make and how delicious it tastes, you’ll want to read this article. If you’ve never had the viral feta pasta (affectionately called “TikTok pasta”), you’ll also want to read this because you should be making this baked feta pasta ASAP.

We gathered together our favorite Sporked-ranked ingredients to recreate the popular pasta dish originated by Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen. If you’re looking to make the TikTok baked feta pasta, this will help you make the most delicious version of it.

The Feta: Mt Vikos Traditional Feta

This feta is ultra creamy and moist, even though it isn’t packed in brine. It’s tangy and bright and salty. Mt Vikoes Traditional Feta is truly a star, which means it is perfect to be the main character in the viral feta pasta. If you’re looking to make the ultimate version of the TikTok pasta, this is the best feta cheese.

The Tomatoes: Bianco DiNapoli Whole Peeled Organic

If you’re looking to make a version of the TikTok feta pasta without having to run to the grocery store for fresh produce, I’d recommend using canned tomatoes. Specifically, the Bianco DeNapoli Whole Peeled Organic Canned Tomatoes. They are the best canned tomatoes (as we found in our taste test) and they are absolutely delicious. They  taste like fresh tomatoes. I might even prefer these to the fresh cherry tomatoes in the original version of the TikTok pasta. Plus, you don’t need to wait for tomatoes to be in season if you use canned tomatoes!

The Olive Oil: California Olive Ranch 100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the best olive oil from our olive oil tasting because of its pure olive flavor.  Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo called it the best olive oil for cooking due to its rich but mellow flavor. And, once you’ve cooked with it, you can also use it as a finishing oil or a dipping oil—it’s that good. Drench all the ingredients in this olive oil before popping the pan into the oven.

The Basil: Kirkland Basil Pesto

It’s unreal how good the Kirkland Basil Pesto tastes. It’s the #1 best pesto we’ve tried here at Sporked (and it’s one of the best things to buy at Costco, period). It’s perfectly balanced and not too oily. The jar is huge and it freezes like a dream. (Side note: If you aren’t freezing sauces like this pesto, you’re wasting money.) Instead of needing fresh basil to finish your TikTok baked feta pasta, put some dollops of this pesto on top. It will be unreal, I promise.

The Pasta: La Molisana Bronze Die Spaghetti Quadrato Chitarra No. 1

You should obviously serve the TikTok feta pasta on a bed of the best spaghetti. Danny said this spaghetti “knocked [him] on [his] ass.” He loved the chew and swears you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this spaghetti and pasta that was “dried at home by nonna.” The word “pasta” is in the name “viral feta pasta” so make sure you’re using the best pasta you can buy at the grocery store.

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