Every Food Brand You Love Sells Pillows

If you’re anything like me, you love fun, quirky home decor. I’m always on the hunt for wacky pieces to add to my apartment that is already filled to the brim. In my search, I’ve come across all kinds of weird things. One of the weirdest things I discovered was that food and beverage brands love to make…pillows? Yes, like the pillows you sleep on.

I’m not sure why so many brands of edible goods have branched out into the home decor market, and specifically pillows, but I’m into it. Here is a list of food brands that make pillows that are almost good enough to eat (that said, please do not try to eat them).


Oreo has great merch in general. You can buy slippers, candles, and even fashionable Oreo bags. But what entices me the most is a giant Oreo cookie to rest my head on at night. These pillows come in Classic Oreo and Vanilla Oreo so you can coordinate your new dessert pillow with the color scheme of your room. If only they could make these pillows smell like Oreos.

Sour Patch Kids

First, they’re sour. Then they’re sweet. Now, they’re pillows. You can buy a pillow that looks like a bag of Sour Patch Kids on the Sour Patch website. It even comes with four adorable little Sour Patch children. Well, they are adorable in their own way. They’re actually kind of scary and I wouldn’t want them in my house, but they’d be perfect for a Sour Patch superfan.

Frosted Flakes

We can all agree that Tony the Tiger is hot. Why not take the opportunity to cuddle up with his face? This sexy fictional tiger could be yours for just $16.95 from the Kellogg’s website. They even promise on the site that this pillow is “GR-R-Reat™ for cuddling.” And okay, sure. This could also just be for a child that likes cereal. Either way, it’s a good purchase.

Bud Light

This isn’t just a pillow. This is a Bud Light body pillow. It’s 50 inches long, made of “soft microfiber fabric,” and could be yours for just $50. That may seem like a lot, but think of all the benefits. It will help you sleep better and show everyone how much you love cracking a brewski. (I don’t drink beer. Is that a thing people say?)


If you know me, you know I love soda. To no one’s surprise, I want one of these. Coca-Cola sells a whole line of soda can-themed pillows that make me thirsty just looking at them. Please tell me this is not the absolute best gift for a Diet Coke fanatic. They also come in Orange Fanta and Sprite. Grab one for the soda lover in your life. Or, heck, grab them all!

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