An Honest Review of the New Frosted Banana Bread Pop-Tarts

A new Pop-Tart flavor has entered the chat: Frosted Banana Bread. We love Pop-Tarts. We love banana bread. We love anything frosted (frosted flakes, frosted cupcakes, frosted tips). Will this Pop-Tart be as good as it sounds or will it, like many artificially flavored banana products, leave a bad taste in our mouths? We tasted them both toasted and un-toasted to find out!

frosted banana bread Pop-Tarts

New Product!

Frosted Banana Bread Pop-Tarts

Upon opening the Pop-Tart package, I didn’t have much hope for the new Pop-Tart flavor. They smell a little like artificial banana. And it’s not that artificial banana is inherently horrible. It can just go wrong very quickly. I didn’t want these Pop-Tarts to just taste like banana. I wanted them to taste like banana bread. Luckily, I tasted them and I fell in love. Don’t get me wrong: There is a tinge of that fake banana flavor. That being said, it’s not too overpowering. I love the icing. The crust (do you call it crust?) actually tastes like banana bread. The spices in the filling give the warm cinnamon sugar vibe you want. Speaking of warm, these really shine when you heat them up. After popping this into the toaster oven for a few minutes, the frosted banana bread Pop-Tart was almost as good as real banana bread. These are already hard to find, but I’m hoping they make a resurgence and Pop-Tart keeps them around for good.

Credit: Liv Averett / Pop-Tarts




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