Girl Scout Cookies vs. Their Walmart Dupes

Girl Scout cookie season is nearing its end, and it’s been a rough one. “Supply chain and labor shortage issues” impacted the availability of several popular cookies, including Samoas, S’mores, and the new Raspberry Rally cookies (which are now being sold on resale sites like eBay). If you couldn’t get your hands on your favorites, don’t panic! It’s not hard to find a Girl Scout cookie dupe in this day and age. In our vast cookie-related wisdom, Walmart’s Great Value brand is making some of the best knock-off Girl Scout cookies on the market.

Because of this, we decided to taste some of the most popular Girl Scout cookies against their Great Value doubles and see which actually tastes better. You might be surprised by what took the titles of best Girl Scout cookies. And while I believe you should absolutely buy from the Girl Scouts while cookie season is alive and well (online sales end March 19), these Great Value versions will keep you perfectly happy during the off-season.

Peanut Butter Patties vs. Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Filled Cookies

These two cookies are the most different out of the bunch. The Great Value version is thick. It has a chocolate cookie and lots of peanut butter. Plus the coating is, as the name implies, fudgy. The Girl Scout cookies are a little lighter. They have a vanilla cookie. They layers of peanut butter and chocolate are thinner. If you know me at all, you’d assume I’d go for the more indulgent Great Value version. I liked the light crispness of the original Girl Scout cookie, though. Good job, girls!

Winner: Peanut Butter Patties

Samoas vs. Caramel Coconut & Fudge Cookies

While these two cookies look the most different, they tasted the most similar. I ate several of these trying to pick out differences, but they are just so similar. That’s a huge win for Great Value, though. These iconic Girl Scout cookies are so unique! I am absolutely thrilled to report that you can now get these any time of year at Walmart.

Winner: Tied

Thin Mints vs. Fudge Mint Cookies

I am a Thin Mint loyalist. These are my Girl Scout cookie. I could suck down a sleeve of these in moments. I think Thin Mints are perfect, so you can imagine my surprise when I tasted the Fudge Mint Cookies and found out they’re even better. These are like more Thin Mint-y Thin Mints. The chocolate coating is a little thicker, the cookie is a little crunchier, and the mint is a little more pronounced. I love these and will be buying them regularly from here on out.

Winner: Fudge Mint Cookies

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