We Tried the New Gluten Free Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Avast, me gluten free hearties! Chips Ahoy! finally released a gluten free version of its iconic chocolate chip cookies, and as is our bounden duty as professional testers of all things taste, we must let you all know if this GF version of the classic cookie holds up, or if it—much like most book-to-movie adaptations, pancakes that were accidentally flipped onto the floor, and me tripping over my own feet—falls flat.

gluten free chips ahoy cookies review

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Chips Ahoy! Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’d never noticed this until today but in case you were wondering, yes, both the gluten free and the regular unleaded Chips Ahoy! packs do say “Real Chocolate Chip Cookies” on them. To be honest, I wasn’t doubting that the cookies were “real” until I saw it on the pack and now I’m definitely am a little skeptical. That aside, the gluten free pack looks a lot like the Original pack, except that it’s white with some fun little blue doodles and a “certified gluten free” symbol in the bottom right corner. The cookies themselves look and smell like the Chips Ahoy! you know and love.

Pros: These are good cookies. They taste exactly like I want a Chips Ahoy! to taste, and the chocolate-to-cookie ratio is just right. They have a crumbly, almost sandy texture. They stop being crunchy after the first bite and just sort of melt in your mouth, but I truly don’t mind that. I actually kind of love it—it reminds me of very light, airy shortbread.

Cons: If you like super crunchy cookies, you may not love the crumbly nature of these cookies. But if that sounds at all intriguing to you then this whole texture thing is hardly even a con. These are a great chocolate chip cookie option for gluten-free people and non-gluten-free people alike—good job, Nabisco!




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