‘Grilling Shoes’ Are a Thing and Here’s How You Could Win Some for Father’s Day

This Father’s day, Ace Hardware is giving away three very special pairs of grilling shoes (yes, grilling shoes) to some lucky dads. Now I have seen plenty of Ace Hardware’s (very catchy) ads, and I’ve even been to their stores multiple times (there are like five in my hometown). But I have never once seen or heard of grilling shoes. So I did some research and man, oh man, does Ace have the number of grill-loving dads everywhere.

These “revolutionary” grill shoes are made by the Shoe Surgeon and as SNL’s Stefon would say, they have everything. The shoes are equipped with Bluetooth technology that “lets Dad order grill fuel and start his BBQ playlist with a click of a button,” as well as “pre-smashed backs [that] make them easier to slip into as dad goes in and out of the house to grill,” and also “heat-sensitive leather [that] changes color while grilling, and cushy turf insoles.” That seems like a lot for one pair of shoes. But hey, guess what else seemed like a lot when it first came out? The iPhone. I’m not saying Mr. Hardware (I assume the CEO’s name is Ace Hardware) is the new Steve Jobs, but like…maybe these grill shoes are about to radically change life as we know it.

So of course, I had to figure out how to win a pair. According to the rules and details found here, the sweepstakes opened on June 8 and will remain open through June 19 (Father’s Day). To enter, you just have to share a pic on social media of your dad’s current “grilling attire, including their scruffy, worn, and torn grilling shoes.” On Father’s Day, they will randomly pick three dads to win the “grand prize” which includes the aforementioned grilling shoes and also a Weber, Traeger, or Big Green Egg grill, along with an Ace grilling-themed swag bag. And ten second-place winners will get the Ace swag bag.

If you ask me, it seems pretty worth it to enter considering all you need to do is post a picture of your dad’s most disgusting sneakers and see what happens. Good luck!

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