Best Hot Dog Buns: Do Your Dogs Right with the 7 Best Brand

Hot dog buns do not get enough credit. Establishments and companies regularly brag about their dogs and brats, but you rarely hear mention of the iconic bread that surrounds the meat. They deserve much more clout. Without the bun, eating a hot dog would be impossible (or at least scary).

When it comes to a bun, I am looking for something that is soft in texture, mild in flavor, and strong in bottom (because I can’t stand bun breakage). So, I sat down with my Sporked colleagues and Greg Johnson, Mythical’s director of short form content (and split top-style bun enthusiast), to try a slew of hot dog buns in an effort to find the ideal brands. We tasted them alone and we tasted them with dogs (both meat and veggie) to find the perfect ones. Whether you’re dunking your hot dogs in a cup of water during a hot dog eating contest or you’re having friends over to grill, you should be using one of the hot dog buns on this list.

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Best Hot Dog Buns: Nature's Own Perfectly Crafted Brioche Style Hot Dog Buns

Best of the Best

Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Brioche Style Hot Dog Buns

The Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Brioche Style Hot Dog Buns were, indeed, perfectly crafted. It felt like I was eating a hot dog stuffed between two clouds. Unlike the other brioche buns we tried, these are soft without completely disintegrating the moment they hit your wet mouth. They have the mild sweetness that you crave from brioche that still allows the dog flavor to shine through. After a full day of tasting hot dog buns at work, I brought these home from our taste test and had hot dogs again for dinner. That’s how craveable they are.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Amazon




Best Hot Dog Buns: bimbo golden buns hot dog

For the Hot Dog Purist

Bimbo Golden Hot Dog Buns

The Bimbo (pronounced beem-bo) Golden Hot Dog Buns are for anyone who wants the focus of their hot dog to be on the dog. They have a nice, spongy texture and are not crumbly at all. Plus, they have a sturdy bottom layer to keep your hot dog from busting open. What more could you want from a store-bought hot dog bun? Bonus points for the fact that you could almost convince someone they were freshly baked at home because of their appearance and smell.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Kroger




Best Hot Dog Buns: Alfaro's Artesano Bakery Sausage Rolls

Best for Topping Lovers

Alfaro’s Artesano Bakery Sausage Rolls

Alfaro’s Artesano Bakery Sausage Rolls mean business. These are gigantic, bready, and definitely designed for sizeable sausages rather than dainty dogs. These would also be the ideal buns for someone who eats their hot dogs on the topping-heavy side, like me (diced raw onion, shredded cheese, vegetarian chili, pickled jalapeños, dill relish, and yellow mustard to be exact). I also have a theory that these would make great individual serving-sized loaves of garlic bread or knock-off french bread pizzas, but that is beside the point.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart




Best Seeded Hot Dog Buns: Francisco International 6" Hot Dog Buns

Best Seeded

Francisco International 6″ Hot Dog Buns

If you’re looking for texture when it comes to the bread surrounding your hot dogs, these Francisco Hot Dog Buns will do the job. They have seeds! Not only do they add a good mouthfeel, they also add a little bit of a nutty flavor. I typically associate seeded buns with hamburgers, but why not hot dogs? I can’t decide if adding seeds to a hot dog bun makes it feel fancier or more classic, but either way, I like it!

Credit: Ryan Martin / Instacart




Best Hot Dog Buns for Lobster Rolls: Marketside Brioche Hot Dog Buns

Best for Lobster Rolls

Marketside Brioche Hot Dog Buns

When I see a hot dog bun cut on the top like this, I immediately think “lobster roll!” Plain, I found these a little soft, but I think these would be incredible slathered with butter and griddled. They are also very structurally sound, making them good for cradling something delicate and luxurious like a pile of lobster. The bottoms of these will never break and spill your expensive shellfish all over the floor. I’m not saying a hot dog would be bad in these, but I think they might have a higher calling.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Walmart




Best Classic Hot Dog Buns: Wonder Bread Classic Hot Dog Buns

Best Classic

Wonder Bread Classic Hot Dog Buns

Wonder Bread Classic Hot Dog Buns are what you think of when you think of a hot dog bun. They have a uniform look, doughy aroma, and subtle flavor. Wonder Bread is a classic, so it makes sense that their hot dog buns would be no different. And similar to Wonder Bread, these are affordable and accessible to almost everyone.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Albertsons




Best Cheap Hot Dog Buns: Ball Park Hot Dog Buns

Best Budget

Ball Park Hot Dog Buns

My favorite thing about the Ball Park Hot Dog Buns is the packaging. It is full-on Americana. Plus, just looking at the grill marks on the hot dog on the package makes my mouth water. These have almost no flavor and an easy-to-swallow texture, which I think is a good thing. If you’re trying to Joey Chestnut and eat a ton of hot dogs at a summer BBQ like I am, grab a bag of Ball Parks.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Target




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  • Great list, interesting to know what to look out for next time I get HD buns. For #2 Bimbo buns though, you got a picture of the hamburger buns. Maybe just filler content cause you could grab a pic of the hotdog buns in time, or just a bit of a rush? Just a small mistake I think.

    • Or it’s a reference to how hot dogs are indeed a sandwich??

  • As a Chicagoan, you can’t go wrong with S. Rosen’s poppy seed rolls. And where are the Martin’s?

  • I’m surprised King’s sweet hawaiian buns (or other brand iterations of the sweet hawaiian roll) didn’t make any category.

  • Disappointed Pepridge Farms Top Sliced didn’t make it, but pleased to see a top sliced on the list. Top sliced is great for not splitting apart on you and keeping toppings in. PF top sliced are a bit more expensive but always found them to be one of the fresher tasting buns.

  • Disappointed that not one of your bests is a top-sliced bun.

    A hot dog 🌭 is not a sandwich