A Spicy Review of the New Blazing Hot Grillo’s Pickle Chips

We’re big fans of Grillo’s Pickles here in the Sporked office. And of course these crispy, crunchy, tangy, lightly pickled pickles have a cult following outside the Sporked office too.

Needless to say, we were excited to hear that Grillo’s was releasing new flavors of pickle chips. We got our hands on the “Blazing Hot” variety to see if they are really as spicy as the flame-covered pickle man on the tub implies. These pickles have habanero peppers and jalapeño peppers, but will they have my heart after this taste test?

grillo's pickles

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Grillo’s Pickles Blazing Hot Pickle Chips

Blazing Hot Grillo’s Pickle Chips are truly blazing hot. Not only can you taste it, you can see it! There are big pieces of habanero floating around in the brine. I love that they promise heat and they actually give you heat.

On top of the spice, I like the flavor. I found these to taste more briny than the other Grillo’s pickles I’ve had and I prefer that. Plus, you still get the dill and garlic you know and love from the classic Grillo’s spears.

All that being said, not everyone in our office was on board with these. Some people thought they were too spicy to comfortably enjoy on a sandwich or as a snack. I think that’s probably true for most people. This is not the everyman’s pickle. This is a pickle for people who want their snack of choice to scorch their mouth. That person is me! I love things to be as spicy as possible. If that person is also you, buy these Grillo’s pickle chips!

Credit: Liv Averett / Grillo’s




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