4 Edible Haunted House Kits to Scare Your Sweet Tooth

Edible haunted house kits are the Halloween-themed cousin of Christmas’ gingerbread houses. Sure, Christmas-themed candy-covered houses are cute and cozy, but the Halloween heads among us have been waiting our whole lives for something a little darker.

We want spiders, bats, and ghosts, not gumdrops and peppermint discs. New to haunted house kits? Fret not, our spooky friends, for we have curated a list of the most fun, exciting, and haunting edible haunted house kits that are sure to scare your socks off.

edible haunted house kits
Credit: Liv Averett / Target

It’s hard to pick just one edible haunted house kit from Target because their Halloween gingerbread house selection is extensive, but this one gets our vote for most exciting. This witch’s tower is so tall and aesthetically pleasing. The purple and green accents are beautiful. Plus, there’s a cute little cat that sits outside! If you’re looking for Halloween gingerbread houses that are stunning, make sure to add this one from Target to your list. –Jordan Myrick

Create-A-Treat Oreo Spooky Castle Kit

Halloween gingerbread houses
Credit: Liv Averett / Michael’s

Why settle for a house when you could have a whole castle! Finally, I can bring to life the spooky Oreo-themed Dracula fantasies I’ve been cultivating, right on my kitchen table. This kit comes with engraved cookie pieces and even includes a little haunted tree and fountain combo for extra Halloween bougieness. You also get orange, green, and white frosting, along with Halloween Quins in tiny pumpkin, bat, and ghost forms. The kit also includes mini neon beads and, of course, a bag of mini Oreo cookies.  –Naajia Shukri

PEZ Halloween House Kit

edible haunted house kits
Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart

I never think about PEZ, but this edible haunted house kit reignited my interest in the poppable candy. This Halloween gingerbread house gets such a cute and colorful kick from the PEZ. Did I mention that this kit comes with a “mystery” Halloween PEZ dispenser? It’s two-for-one Halloween fun! I also love that the house itself is chocolate and not gingerbread. It makes it feel even more Halloween-y. –Jordan Myrick

Crafty Cooking Kits M&M’s Haunted Castle Cookie Kit

Halloween gingerbread house
Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart

If you’re looking for a Halloween gingerbread house that’s big enough to wow kids but simple enough for them to enjoy putting together, this M&M’s-themed haunted cookie castle kit is your best bet. It comes with four easily distinguishable, large cookie pieces, M&M’s, orange and purple powder, icing, base clips, and decorative paper pieces. There are also interlocking paper pieces to be placed in the middle that can serve either as decoration or as a little maze for extra Halloween candy. All in all, a solid family option. –Naajia Shukri

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