Are Healthier Snacks Good Enough? Rhett & Link Find Out

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link compared popular snacks with their sugar-free and low-fat counterparts. They determined whether opting for healthier snacks is genuinely worthwhile (as someone who has deleted MyFitnessPal, I’m doubtful). The healthier versions are rated either “Ugh, that’s rough” or “Good enough.”

Round 1: Cheez-It Original vs. Cheez-It Reduced Fat

Rhett & Link are not fans of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its. They both agreed that they kind of taste like a stale Cheez-Its. Link said, “Something’s off with this Cheez-It. It’s a little unsatisfying.” On the other hand, they both found the normal Cheez-Its to be delectable. I mean, we’re talking Cheez-It, for goodness sake. Rhett came to this conclusion: “Apparently, what makes a Cheez-It a Cheez-It is a little bit of extra fat.” Rhett & Link both rated the Cheez-It Reduced Fat option as an “Ugh, that’s rough” diet snack.

Round 2: Sargento String Cheese vs. Sargento Light String Cheese

Notably, Sargento Light String Cheese contains 45 calories, which is exactly half of the 90 calories found in the regular Sargento String Cheese. And, as Rhett said, “I hate to point this out, but I’m going to [about the Sargento Light String Cheese]. It’s a lot smaller. It’s not as big around, it’s shorter, and it’s a different color.” So maybe you would just be better off cutting a normal Sargento String Cheese in half?? Link said, “I’m not picking up on anything that’s saddening to me.” Well, that’s reassuring.

Rhett noted that you can smell the regular Sargento String Cheese when you pick it up to eat it. And, in the end, Rhett & Link agreed that the regular Sargento String Cheese is dramatically better. Sargento Light String Cheese takes the L with an “Ugh, that’s rough.”

Round 3: Twizzlers vs. Twizzlers Zero Sugar

The Twizzlers Zero Sugar was another miss. R.I.P. diet culture. 

Rhett said, “Why does it taste like a cleaner??” He also tasted a medicinal flavor, and rightly guessed that they contain sugar alcohol. “That might make you cramp up and poop me a river,” Link speculated. Twizzlers Zero Sugar loses with an ”Ugh, that’s rough” ranking.

Round 4: Pringles Original vs. Pringles Reduced Fat

Rhett pointed out something very astute in this round: While one serving (15 chips) of Reduced Fat Pringles has 140 calories, the regular Pringles only has 150 calories! That’s an extremely negligible difference! “I’m feeling kind of screwed right now,” Link said. Rhett & Link agreed that the Original Pringles taste better, but both choices taste similar. Because they taste so much alike, the “healthier” version received a “Good enough” ranking.

Round 5: Hershey’s Syrup vs. Hershey’s Syrup Zero Sugar

Last but not least, we’ve got a chocolatey showdown. Rhett & Link tried two Hershey’s syrups on vanilla ice cream, one regular and one zero sugar. Rhett said that Hershey’s Syrup Zero Sugar is “surprisingly not bad.” And cutting out sugar actually results in a significant calorie difference—in fact, regular Hershey’s Syrup has nine times more calories than the sugar free version. Rhett & Link both agreed, though, that there is a big difference between the two options when they are tasted side-by-side. Link called Hershey’s Syrup Zero Sugar syrup “very watery.” All the same, Rhett & Link decided the diet version is “Good enough.”

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