Rhett & Link Rank Everything Seasoned Snacks

On an April 2021 episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link stepped into the realm of “everything” seasoning and returned with six snacks in tow.

They ranked the everything snacks they tasted from best, aka “Seasonings Yeetings,” all the way to “Dead Last.” For those who enjoy the garlicky, oniony, salty crunch of everything seasoning, read on to discover the seasoned snack that Rhett said he didn’t think was possible and the one that Link said changed his life. 

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Dead Last, Ses-A-Me: Rhythm Everything Bagel Organic Broccoli Bites

Rhett is a dried broccoli fan, so he really wanted to like this snack. Link was hopeful that the everything bagel seasoning would save the broccoli from itself, but he was sorely disappointed. “It is what it is,” Rhett said. “It’s still broccoli.” Link added, “There’s a bit of a fish-food sensation that happens when you eat a dried broccoli.” The everything seasoning couldn’t salvage this dried-broccoli situation.

A-Salt-Ed My Taste Buds: Whole Foods 365 Everything Pastry Wrapped Franks

Rhett loves pigs in a blanket, but he said, “These are not better than regular pigs in a blanket.” Link wasn’t hyped on this dish either. “I wanna be biting into granules,” he said. According to Link, the crunch factor is an essential part of the everything seasoning experience, and these wrapped franks lacked crunch.

Is That Everything?: Field Trip Everything Bagel Beef Jerky

Rhett & Link were not impressed with this jerky. Although the jerky itself was pretty good, the everything seasoning did not wow the judges. “I would think this is just beef jerky,” said Rhett. Link agreed, adding, “Beef jerky has got a strong flavor on its own that is not overpowered by the everything bagel seasoning.” Part of the appeal of everything seasoning is its oniony, garlicky flavor profile which, as Link pointed out, is usually already present in beef jerky. 

Gar-Lickin’ My Lips: Ritz Everything Crackers

Rhett was a big fan of these crackers and said that Nabisco “nailed the taste profile.” Link added that these crackers were “very subtle,” and that most of the “everything” flavor was in the aftertaste rather than in the initial bite. Overall, they agreed this is a solid cracker, but they didn’t think it was a strong enough contender for the top spot because the everything flavor was so subtle. 

Ay, Poppy!: Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Link was really on board with these chips when they first popped open the bag, but then Rhett pointed out that they contain “a pinch of sugar.” “You’ve ruined it for me by pointing out the sugar,”  Link lamented. The added sugar gave the chips a slightly sweet taste that Rhett & Link felt they could do without. 

Seasonings Yeetings!: Jeni’s Everything Bagel Ice Cream

Boy howdy, Rhett & Link could not get enough of this Jeni’s ice cream. Rhett described the flavor as “exquisite.” Both he and Link pleaded with Jeni’s not to discontinue this limited-edition flavor because, as Link put it, “This has no business being as good as it is.” The ice cream itself has a cream cheese base and, according to Link, an oniony garlic aftertaste that, for some reason, just works.

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