Rhett & Link Rank Cotton Candy Snacks

I must confess, I unironically love cotton candy. And yes, I am an adult who has a real job. I can’t really explain it, but the gist is that when I see it, I must have it, especially if it’s blue. Maybe I’m broken and my tastebuds never hit puberty, but, hey, they’re doing their best. Speaking of buds doing their best, Rhett & Link tried six different cotton candy snacks on an October 2020 episode of Good Mythical Morning to determine which would taste the most like cotton candy and earn the coveted title of Cotton Candy Brian. Someone call Cotton Candy Randy!

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Cotton Candy Faygo

The guys immediately noticed the smell of this cotton candy-flavored soda. “They got the smell,” Rhett said. “This soda whiffs like cotton candy.” He didn’t like this one and said he wouldn’t choose to drink it outside of a taste test. Link said, “Oh, It’s bad.” However, Rhett decided the cotton candy flavor in this Faygo soda is, in fact, “really, really good.” In the end, it beat out the cotton candy grapes, which Rhett called an “incredible feat of culinary craziness,” so that’s something.

Cotton Candy Grapes 

Would it really be a list of cotton candy snacks if we didn’t mention cotton candy grapes? Naurr (as they say in Australia). Side note, I love these, and I, for one, think they taste almost exactly like cotton candy. Did the guys agree? The answer is a resounding “eh.” Rhett was blown away by them, calling them “more cotton candy-y than anything we’ve tasted so far.” Link, on the other hand, only got “a lot of grape” from the flavor of these bad boys. Rhett then was feeling a little gaslit (and so was I, to be honest), so he asked Mythical Chef Josh for a third opinion and Josh thought they tasted like cotton candy “big time.” So, in conclusion, these grapes do taste like cotton candy. 

Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy Ice Cream

This one tied for second with the grapes. There’s a very specific cotton candy taste in this ice cream that, according to Rhett, “only shows up in the tail end” of the flavor. That is to say, the cotton candy flavor is more of an aftertaste than a predominant flavor. But it’s an accurate aftertaste. So for that reason, Rhett and Link ranked it pretty high up.

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion

As Link said, “Wow, they added the word explosion!” I agree, it’s aggressive. As for how these actually taste, the answer is “a little bit of pain.” According to R&L, it was “good pain” though. This one had them questioning if cotton candy tastes like anything at all or if it’s just the colors that evoke the cotton candyness. But, nonetheless, they gave this one a solid middle-of-the-road score.

MainStreet Cotton Candy Popcorn

This popcorn tied with the Pop Rocks and had beautiful vibrant pink and blue colors. Link had just finished explaining how cotton candy flavor is an illusion when he tried this popcorn and immediately said, “Oh wow, it’s pretty cotton candy-y.” Rhett, on the other hand, didn’t think this popcorn tasted like much at all, but had more of an icing or cake flavor to it.

Cotton Candy Crunch Cap’n Crunch

This is pink-and-blue Cap’n Crunch that tastes like, well, Cap’n Crunch. Rhett said if he were to eat it with his eyes closed, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and the classic Cap’n Crunch. Link thought there might be the slightest cotton candy aftertaste, but overall this one didn’t taste much like cotton candy at all.

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