The 4 Best Little Debbie Snacks According to Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link tasted 22 different Little Debbie snacks in a Gut Check taste test from 2022. Read on to find out which four treats were the best Little Debbie snacks to buy, according to the duo from Good Mythical Morning.

Let’s begin with a poem:

Giant Deborah, hear our call.

You are big and we are small.

We hunger for your snacky treats.

Your pie is all we want to eat.

We pledge our loyalty for all you do,

Giant Deborah—Please! Come! Through!

Rhett & Link 

Alright, now that I got that out of my system and Giant Deborah has shown up in my apartment like some kind of benign, baked-good-themed Beetlejuice, let’s talk Little Debbie’s Snacks. During this Gut Check taste test back in June 2022, Rhett & Link tried 22 Little Debbie snacks to see which had the most BDE (big Deborah energy). Here were the top four.

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Peanut Butter Creme Pies  

If there is one thing that will always get a snack on Rhett & Link’s good side, it’s peanut butter. This love of all things peanut and buttery may skew the results a little for those of you non-peanut-enjoying types, but generally speaking Rhett & Link (or the peanut butter boys, as they call themselves) have a pretty good idea of which peanut butter-flavored foods shine and which are just okay. These PB creme pies were apparently not only more phenomenal than the original oatmeal creme pies but they were also larger and fluffier. They reminded Link of a soft Nutter Butter—a dream come true for him, a soft cookie and a peanut butter type of guy. This selection, however, was almost a toss-up with the second place item.

Strawberry Shortcake Rolls 

These swirly cakes surprised Rhett & Link in the best possible way. Link immediately said they looked ugly out of the package and Rhett said they looked beautiful. The conclusion? Art is subjective and you are totally entitled to your opinion. In terms of flavor, though,  Link thought these seemed like a strawberry cheesecake on vanilla cake situation and he was HERE for it. In the end, they both thought the taste of these rolls was not only phenomenal but also different from any of the other flavors they tasted that day.

Oatmeal Creme Pies 

We all knew this was coming—the original creme pies from Little Debbie’s are damn near perfect, so it makes sense they made it into the top three. These super-sweet spiced cakes with marshmallow-y vanilla crème filling are unparalleled in the snacking world. Rhett & Link noted that Debbie deserves mad props for these bad boys, given that they have been around and managed to stay relevant since Rhett & Link were kids.

Chocolate Cupcakes 

Rhett & Link liked these okay, but they didn’t like them as much as Hostess Cupcakes, and they aren’t as unique or fun as some of the other treats on this list. Plus, according to Rhett, the chocolate had a weird, chemical-y flavor. Link didn’t mind it, but it bothered Rhett enough to knock the Fudge Rounds out of the running (though Link really liked them), along with all chocolate items besides the cupcakes, which it seems were just okay.

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