Hidden Valley Ranch Bugles, a Truly Iconic Collab, Have Hit Stores

Somebody play a fanfare because there’s a new Bugle in town. What is this new (but also kind of not new) flavor? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with “H” and ends with “idden Valley.” That’s right, it’s “Heavily Forbidden Valley” flavored Bugles! Nah, I’m just playin.’ They are actually Hidden Valley Ranch flavored and BOY do they look divine. I mean, seriously?! Hidden Valley Ranch Bugles?! Someone over at General Mills is a genius.

What will these Hidden Valley Ranch Bugles be like? How much will they cost? Does the fact that they contain corn and are ranch flavored technically make them a salad?

Well, these new horn-shaped corn snacks will certainly be Hidden Valley Ranchy, that much we know. But what sets them apart from Bugles’ existing Ranch or Southwest Ranch flavors. Apparently, the Southwest Ranch contains some taco seasoning-esque flavors while the plain ranch flavor is “peppery and creamy” like cool ranch Doritos. Compare that to the new Hidden Valley Ranch Bugles, which are “lightly salted and dusted with Hidden Valley Ranch zesty herbs and spices,” and it would seem that the real difference is that these new Bugles are LITERALLY made with Hidden Valley Ranch powder. As for whether or not these could be classified as a salad, I vote yes. I mean have you seen what qualifies for a salad in the Midwest? (Hey, Midwest, you are my salad hero. Every last one of you.)

Bugles have been around since 1964 and have come in more than 18 flavors, so if they think we are going to like something, at this point, I trust their judgment. If they release a flavor modeled after my favorite ranch, you bet your butt I’m going to try it—one tiny, edible dunce cap at a time.

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