Aldi’s New Holiday Merch Is Kinda Fire

As fun as Aldi grocery shopping can be, sometimes the chill of the freezer section can be too much. Brr, am I right? Luckily, new holiday Aldi merch is now available in stores. And the collection of Aldi gear includes cozy, festive winter wear—perfect for keeping the icy bite of the frozen pizza section at bay.

What the Aldi’s Winter Gear Collection Includes

Get this: You can go into an Aldi grocery store right now and come out with a matching Aldi Christmas sweater for both you and your dog! Definitely take advantage of this if you have a dog that tolerates a sweater (my dog won’t; he is who he is). These colorful Aldi’s holiday sweaters, which sell for $12.99 if you are a human or $4.99 if you are a dog, are adorned with ornaments, snowflakes, string lights, and the Aldi’s logo.

Aldi’s winter merch collection also includes (hooded!) pajama-looking onesies for $9.99—every adult needs a onesie. You can also get Aldi’s holiday slippers and pom-pom beanies. Personally, I have my eye on the slippers. They look to have the texture of fuzzy socks, and you can’t go wrong with fuzzy socks.

In general, something that I like about this collection is that it doesn’t shy away from incorporating the Aldi logo. I grew up in a world where my peers in middle school would proudly display their Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister logo-branded clothes. The flex is that they shopped somewhere more exclusive than Ross or Target. 

Contrastingly, Aldi is known to have cheaper prices than most grocery stores, so Aldi is not exactly the pinnacle of exclusivity. It’s cool to own your appreciation for that! The ‘tude: Bro, I know how to shop and save. Have fun with your $50 sweaters. I went a different route. This collection also gives Costco vibes, nodding to the tacky branded Costco wear that superfans clamor for. Perhaps we are on the precipice of a grocery store fashion revolution! 

Did you manage to snag a piece of the Aldi holiday collection? Let us know how it looks/fits in the comments.

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