Love Honey Butter Chips? You’re Gonna Be Nuts About These

If you have ever been to an Asian grocery store, you have probably seen honey butter chips. Maybe you have even tried them! If this is the case, then you would know how absolutely addicting those sweet and salty potatoey delights truly are. And apparently someone at Blue Diamond Almonds knows the magic that is honey butter chips as well, because honey, you butter believe they just released limited edition honey butter almonds inspired by those very same life-changing chips.

Will these almonds be more on the sweet side or the savory side? How limited edition are they? Will these almonds finally make me happy?

As for what these almonds will taste like, the company called them a “velvety smooth blend of honey and buttery flavor” that is inspired by Korean honey butter chips. Having said that, I am aware that that description truly tells you nothing. The truth is that honey butter items vary in where they fall on the sweet/savory scale. I have had Korean brands of honey butter almonds that fall very much on the “sweet candied almonds with a hint of salt” side of things, but honey butter chips tend to be slightly more towards the savory side, and these new almonds are purportedly based on the chips. So make of that what you will.

Now if you are wondering where and when you can get them, these will be limited edition, so they will only be around from now through December 2023, and then they will leave the shelves and head back into the almondy ether, just like Blue Diamond’s Chili ‘n Lime limited edition almonds did this past month after a similar six-month run. You can get them at Walmart, at any Blue Diamond Nut & Gift Shops location, or through the Blue Diamond website.

Lastly, will these almonds finally make you happy? I would say absolutely, provided that the only thing missing in your life up until now was honey butter almonds from Blue Diamond, in which case congrats on achieving your ultimate bliss, you almond lover, you!

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  • Blue Diamond knows almonds. These are going to be FABOO.