How Long Is A Fruit By The Foot? And More Questions About the Long Roll-Up

Back when I was in first grade for the third time, one of my favorite things to discover in my lunchbox was Fruit By The Foot. The long, thin, fruity snack was great because not only could I unroll it and use it as an edible whip, I could also put the whole thing in my mouth and let it unravel like a big cartoon tongue. Try doing that with a Fruit Roll-Up. You can’t! But how long is a Fruit by The Foot? Is it vegan and gluten-free? And why is it called Fruit By The Foot? I mean you use your mouth, not your foot. Let’s get to the bottom of all these questions and maybe finally pass first grade!

How long is Fruit By The Foot?

The length of a Fruit By The Foot is one of those questions that has haunted humanity for decades. There was just no way to find an answer. But then, one day, someone figured out that you can unravel it and measure it. A Fruit By The Foot is around three feet long. Yes, seriously, that little rolled up treat can be unrolled to about three feet. 

So, why is it called Fruit By The Foot and not Fruit By The Feet? 

Fruit By The Foot just sounds better. It’s Fruity and there’s more than a foot of it. People that want it to be called Fruit By The Feet have unreasonable expectations that snacks should be good at math. Just let them be delicious, dude!

General Mills released Fruit By The Foot in 1992, and it is still enjoyed by fruit and foot loving kids today. Fruit By The Foot is made of sugar, maltodextrin, corn syrup, pear puree concentrate, and palm oil. The original recipe was a little different, but around 2015, the snack removed artificial colors and flavors. 

Is Fruit By The Foot vegan and gluten-free? Does fruit by the foot have gelatin?

Fruit By The Foot is gluten-free. It also does not contain any gelatin, which is an animal product. So, Fruit By The Foot is vegan as well. Fruit By The Foot is a gluten-free, vegan, snack that claims to be packed with vitamin C. Does that make it healthy? Well, a Fruit By The Foot is also about 48 percent sugar, so healthy may be a relative term. 

Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Gushers all fall into a similar snack category in that they are all fruity, sticky, and they tell you what they do in the name. Fruit Roll-Ups can be rolled up,  Gushers gush, and Fruit By The Foot is a delicious fruity snack that can be measured in feet. When I’m choosing what to eat, knowing how long something is matters way more to me than rolling things up and some kind of gush happening. So for me, and millions of sugar hungry weirdos, Fruit By The Foot wins by a mile.

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