Everything You Need to Make the Ultimate TikTok Blended Baked Oatmeal

While it’s not a new concept, blending oats for baking has really taken off on TikTok and the star of the show is blended baked oatmeal. Basically, instead of eating your oatmeal like a bowl of porridge, you blend up all the ingredients and bake them to create a cake-like treat. With a few simple tweaks, you can turn a soggy, sad breakfast into something you’ll actually want to eat in the morning.

We scoured all of Sporked to gather the best products out there to make the ultimate TikTok baked oatmeal. Grab your phone and get ready to film this; your blended baked oatmeal could go viral.

blended baked oatmeal

The Oats

One Degree Sprouted Rolled Oats

To make the best blended baked oatmeal, you have to have the best rolled oats. According to our taste tests, that means One Degree’s sprouted rolled oats. They’re a little pricey, but totally worth it. The earthy flavor makes them the perfect base for your TikTok baked oatmeal.

Credit: Merc / Amazon

tiktok baked oatmeal

The Milk

Almond Breeze Original Almondmilk

Almond Breeze is one of the most popular almond milks on the market for a reason. It’s great! It’s nutty and silky and mild. Obviously you could use any type of milk for this recipe, but I think this dairy-free option is perfect.

Credit: Ryan Martin / Instacart

tiktok baked oatmeal

The Nut Butter

JIF Creamy Peanut Butter

I know you’re probably like, “What? JIF? That’s so boring!” It doesn’t matter! It’s thick, perfectly smooth, and incredibly nutty. It’d be great mixed into the blended baked oatmeal and the rest of the jar can be used for everything from spicy peanut sauce to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Credit: Liv Averett / Target

blended baked oatmeal

The Chocolate

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares

Most people plop a couple chocolate chips on top of their blended baked oats, but I recommend going big or going home. Place a square (or multiple squares) of caramel-filled Ghirardelli milk chocolate (one of the best chocolate bars out there). This will take your TikTok baked oatmeal from at-home breakfast to restaurant-worthy brunch.

Credit: Liv Averett / Target

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