We Tried the 2 New Jell-O Pudding Flavors: Churro Delicioso and Mango Sabroso

Being on a low- or no-sugar diet can leave you feeling like you don’t have a lot of options at the grocery store—or at least not a lot of good options. Believe me, we’ve tasted enough zero sugar BBQ sauce, keto ice cream, and sugar free chocolate to feel your pain. Even in the relatively zero sugar-friendly world of sodas, people who don’t or can’t consume sugar simply get slightly less delicious versions of corn syrup-sweetened sodas. Well, for a change, Jell-O is here to do you a solid. The brand just released zero sugar Jell-O pudding cups in two new flavors: Mango Sabroso and Churro Delicioso. Neither has a sugar-full counterpart. These were made to be zero sugar! But we gotta ask the tough questions here: Are they any good? We tried both new Jell-O pudding flavors and here’s what we thought.

jell-o churro pudding review

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Jell-O Churro Delicioso Zero Sugar Pudding

I had my colleagues taste this pudding because I just wasn’t sure what to make of it upon first bite! Ultimately, we all decided it’s pretty darn good for a zero sugar dessert (and I eat a lot of zero sugar desserts, for what it’s worth). 

Pros: This churro-flavored pudding is very smooth, rich, and creamy. And it’s absolutely loaded with cinnamon-sugar flavor. Did I say sugar? Okay, maltitol and sucralose flavor. But the cinnamon comment stands. If you consistently buy Jell-O pudding cups in chocolate, vanilla, and swirl, this is a really fun way to mix things up.

Cons: Naturally, there’s a bit of an artificial sweetener aftertaste—that just comes with the territory—but it’s not a deal breaker. I will also say that the nature of low-cal pudding is already pretty weird in a “what exactly am I eating?” sort of way. (If you’re really wondering, it’s mostly water, modified corn starch, and maltitol, a sugar alcohol.) The unconventional flavor sort of exacerbates this snack’s uncanny nature.




mango jell-o pudding review

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Jell-O Mango Sabroso Zero Sugar Pudding

This is another weird one, but I think it’s weird in a good way. It’s like eating tropical punch with a spoon. Or drinking mango nectar that you can feel slowly sliding down your throat. 

Pros: The mango flavor is really punchy and good. It’s like a concentrated nectar. My colleague Ariana Losch, who really likes mango flavored desserts, was a fan. My colleague Justine Sterling, on the other hand, made a face when she took a bite. 

Cons: I think mango pudding, even if it were made from natural ingredients like milk and sugar, would be a little bit wild for some people. You have to lean into its unique texture-flavor combo. I do think this would benefit from a squirt of zero sugar Reddi Wip to add a little creaminess to the fruity tang.




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