A New Ice Cream from Jeni’s Tastes Like the Weather

Have you ever been watching the Weather Channel and find yourself wondering what “partly cloudy” tastes like? Well, with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ newly released Sunshine flavor, you finally can. The ice cream is a muted gray color but supposedly tastes like “a geyser of sunny citrus and tropical passion fruit with a gentle current of sweet tangerine.” YUM. This combination of the gray color palette with the sunny flavor palette is supposed to make the ice cream taste like “sunshine on a cloudy day.” Wow. I kind of love this concept?

I looked a little deeper into why Jeni’s was suddenly producing this uniquely contradictory ice cream experience, and what I found was pretty dang cool. Basically, Jeni’s is making this ice cream in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, which takes place during the month of May. How does this relate at all to the aforementioned deceptively fruity ice cream? Well, it’s supposed to be a kindhearted reminder to anyone who needs to hear it that “things aren’t always what they seem” and that “the sun always shines again.” Essentially, Jeni’s is saying that while things may seem gray (like their ice cream), they may not be as bad as you think (and they may even taste like passionfruit and lemon if you’re lucky). The brand is even donating $25,000 to On Our Sleeves, a movement to “break stigmas around children’s mental health and provide free educational resources to families.” This $25,000 donation will be used to send educators around the country some activities to help kids “learn about and practice kindness together.”

Awww, why does ice have me cryin’ on a random ol’ Tuesday! Stop making me feel things Jeni’s!!! This is such a creative flavor concept, I may just have to cough up the extra cash (Jeni’s do be on the expensive side) and try it. Though I guess it’s not all that surprising that an ice cream brand would come up with a concept this sweet.

The ice cream is available for $12 a pint on the Jeni’s website and in Jeni’s stores around the country.

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