Ketchup Popsicles Are a Thing, but Only in Canada (for Now)

Poutine, All-Dressed chips, a large French-speaking population, and being the birthplace of Drake. Those are just four things Canada has that we don’t. And now they’ve added another: Frenchsicles. Since you’re probably wondering, “Frenchsicles” are popsicles made out of French’s Ketchup, and they debuted at a few popups around Canada last week. 

According to an Instagram post from Canadian popsicle company Happy Pops, this new product is made with 100% Leamington-area tomatoes, and “tastes like a Caesar,” whatever that is supposed to mean. This collaboration between Happy Pops and French’s (the condiment company) may seem off-putting at first. But after giving it some thought, I’ve realized that this could be a revelation.

Hear me out: Ketchup is one of the sweetest sauces out there. Ever eaten a spoonful of straight-up ketchup? Well, I have—multiple times recently (I’m okay, don’t worry mom). It is honestly such a delicious fruit-based treat: sweet, tangy, and deeply umami. It’s basically a tangy fruit jam with no chunks…or is it a smoothie? Whether ketchup is technically a smoothie, a jam, or a sauce, it’s delightful. And popsicles seem like the perfect summery vehicle through which to enjoy it. You may be thinking, “Summer is the time for BBQs, why not use the ketchup on a hotdog or a burger where it belongs and save the desserts for the real fruit?” And to that I would say, “Ugh, rude! Tomatoes are a real fruit, and I know this because Hank Green said so and that man is truly the Bill Nye of YouTube.

Anyway, these “Frenchsicles” are so far available only in Canada and for a limited time. But I still have hope. Hope that ketchup popsicles will one day grace the grocery store shelves in the good ol’ U.S. of A., and that my beloved ketchup may one day find its way into the canon of socially acceptable American desserts. Until then, does anyone want to buy me a flight to Vancouver? I’ll be your best friend!

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Jessica Block is a freelance contributor to Sporked, a comedian, a baker, a food writer, and a firm believer that Trader Joe's may just be the happiest place on earth. She loves spicy snacks, Oreos, baking bread, teeny tiny avocados, and trying new foods whenever she can. Also, if you give her a bag of Takis she will be your best friend.

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